husband with crohns disease

by anne
(perth wa)

my husband has crohns disease he gose to er and lots of doctor appiontments all they seem to do is dose him up with more pain killers and pock around most times more than once at a time surely this must irratate the disease then send him home with oxycodone theres got to be abetter way anne

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husband with crohns disease NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post. Dealing with Crohn's disease is really difficult. Not just for your husband who is probably inwardly panicking about his future health but for you too because it can be very frustrating to have to stand by and not be able to help that much.

I assume he is on medication to help control the Crohn's? If he is in a lot of pain, some doctors will prescribe painkillers to help but he should not be taking too many or relying on them constantly as these can have very negative side-effects too. It does depend on the type pain he is in, for example is he getting abdominal cramps? Does he have joint pain? Some people have back pain and headaches while others just feel distinctly uncomfortable especially after food.

There are alternatives to the painkiller approach and even more natural ways including learning relaxation techniques because the body will hold a lot of tension through continual pain and by learning to de-stress, to actively let go of tense muscles, it is possible to help release some of the pain too. In the same way meditation can help the individual to let go of feelings of pain. This is not a cure-all; this is just a way to help manage on a day-to-day basis.

Fasting can also be quite good if severe abdominal pain is experienced especially if it flares up after the individual has eaten. Sometimes it can be simple as having a few hours without eating to give the digestive tract and intestines a break. If your husband wants to try this but is not used to fasting, advise him to just start slowly and allow 2 to 5 hours with only water during that time. If the pain starts to alleviate then he needs to make his doctor aware that there is a problem with digesting food. But of course, this brings its own set of problems because he will not want to eat knowing that it will cause pain. Eventually, he would end up deficient of vitamins and minerals as well as proteins.

He can have pureed foods, mashed potato and salmon, chicken or turkey for protein but cooked in such a way that it is light and easy to absorb. Some people also like to make use of a heat pad or even hot water bottle and place onto the painful areas and this can help to ease some of the pain.

Crohn's disease can make people feel quite depressed so it is important that you keep your husband motivated as much as you can, with the understanding that the disease often goes into periods of remission where life can at least get back to some normality.

I hope this helps

my husband has crohn's too NEW
by: carol bishop-stern

I'm looking for people that are in similar circumstances as my self, my husband has been on TPN for over a year, hospitalized most of that time. Please contact me at

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