How to promote self-reliance in a Crohn's Patient.

(McAllen, TX)

I am a 56 year old Mom (breast cancer survivor) who has a 25 year old son who suffers from Crohn's..Since he was
diagnosed 4 years ago, I have seen great negative changes in his behavior and future plans.
Before being diagnosed, he was working part-time and attending college. Now, he is just "happy" sitting on my couch and smoking pot when my back is turned.
My son is seeing a psychiatrist monthly and has recently been put on disabiity which covers his medical.
Yet, his $300 per month does not pay enough for him
to be self-reliant.
My goal is that my son will "want" to attend school again. I have tried to encourage him to volunteer just to get out of the house, but he won't do this either.
I will be retiring from my job this May and will have less money to support him...How do I get him see past today?? Are there self-relaint Crohn's patients out
in the world??
I love my son more than anything, but I want him to "want" a better life for himself. Any advice would be appreciated.

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How to promote self-reliance in a crohn's patient NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for writing in. I am so sorry to hear about your son. Even though Crohn's disease can affect very young children, 19 is still young to contract such a horrible disease.

It can without a doubt affects people's confidence and does strip away their ability to be able to cope. There are many people however who do go on to lead productive lives and who do not let the disease hold them back, the trick is the acceptance of the disease and learning to live with it. That's my personal view.

The pain factor of Crohn's disease can be quite considerable so if he is experiencing a lot of pain and the horrible side-effects such as diarrhoea, then it is understandable that he might want to shut himself away as many others do the same as well. this is simply because they have no control over the condition. It can be embarrassing to have to keep running to the bathroom.

Smoking pot is not the answer, but I do know many people find that it really helps to reduce the symptoms and I attach a link about using drugs with Crohn's disease:

I would be interested to know how the disease affects him physically because if he is in a lot of pain, this is just going to fuel a depressive state. He's probably just trying to manage and get by, but of course the longer it goes on the harder it will be him to start living a normal life again.

Is he having any success with the psychiatrist? I often recommend people going to see a counselor simply because being diagnosed with an incurable disease such as Crohn's can really affect people on many levels and learning to cope with and face the fear is a big step.

Is there any chance he could study privately? Many colleges or private courses provide training material through the post or via the Internet now. It may boost his confidence if he could get himself a really good qualification that will enable him to work at a job that suits his condition. Worth considering.

There are alternative remedies that may be of use for physical health and I attach a link for this as well:'s_Disease

I can tell how much you care about your son and I do feel sympathy for you too because it can be very frustrating for you and worrying to see your son not reaching his full potential. Please come back to us with more information but I hope this helps at the present time.

Congratulations by the way for surviving breast cancer.

Best wishes,

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