by mina
(washington co)

How long does it takes when u are trying to get pregnant, to actually get pregnant??

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How Long? NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there Mina,

I am assuming that you or your partner are Crohn's sufferers and are hoping to have a baby?
There are some important things to consider if one or both of you have Crohn's. Unfortunately, the chances of any child also suffering with Crohn's does increase.

It is a good idea to wait before you attempt to conceive - especially so if you are the Crohn's sufferer. Crohn's often goes into a type of remission period which can last months or even years but this gives your body the opportunity to be as well as can be prior to carrying a baby full-term.

You must take your doctors advice throughout and inform the doctor of your decision to try to conceive. There will be some medicines that you cannot have in your system - up to three months before and this is vital. This is the same for the father to be. You will also need to support your body with a vitamin rich diet. You will need to add in folic acid -again, the doctor will advice you. Folic acid can be foun in beans, peanuts, broccoli but often it is in the foods that might trigger a Crohn's attack which is why you need to be in remission or have supplements.

You should take folic acid before and during your pregnancy.

If you have Crohn's and you smoke, you must give up smoking prior to conceiving, the risks are even greater for a pregnant woman.

Many women feel much better during pregnancy and Crohn's goes into a remission state anyway but any plans for conception must be thought out well and truly in advance.

I attach a link to information as a starting point.

I hope this helps?

Best wishes,


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