How long do the medications normally take to work?

by sarah

Hi i've been prescribed prednisolone 6 tabs a day and pentasa 2 tabs twice a day. I know it depends on lots of different things but i was wondering how soon the meds normally take to make a difference? I've only been recently diagnosed with crohn's it's taken many years for them to finally work out what was wrong, i've spent the last 8 weeks off work sick and have lost lot's of weight and am constantly tired but am worried that if i'm off much longer, my bosses will get fed up.

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by: DeeDee

First of all dear, please, please be ever so careful with the prednisone. My husband had Ulcerative Colitis (similar if not worse systoms of Crohns). He suffered for 25 years. He took 60-80 mg. of prednisone every day. To make a long story short, he develope colo-rectal cancer. He had surgery and because of the massive amounts of prednisone that he had taken, the doctor said that during the surgery, every time he tried to get to something inside, my husbands insides literally were shredding and falling apart in the doctors hands. And there was so much damage that afterwards (my husband had an illeostomy placed) that there was absolutely no muscle left to hold back his insides and he developed a hernia that is now the size of 2 basketballs and another just broke through that is the size of a very large grapefruit. Surgery to fix the hernias is not an option (he has had 3 already), since there is nothing to hold the mesh, sutures or other things in place to pull the hernias back. So please be careful of the amount of prednisone you take and for how long. And please go get your colonoscopy tests done regularly. Although my husband had one every year, the doctor missed it. In April he had his colonoscopy done and the doctor said everything was JUST FINE. Three months later he had FULL BLOWN COLO-RECTAL cancer that had perforated his colon and 7 of the 9 lymph nodes removed were cancerous. Make sure that you have a very good Gastro doctor. God Bless you and I pray the very best health for you. If you would like to talk to me, let me know and I will give you my e-mail address.

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