How I beat Crohn's Disease

by David LaRocco
(New York)

Its my understanding that there's no one diet that's right for each individual, has anyone ever taken into account the foods they put into their are creating inflammation. I am almost died of Crohn's four years ago and have successfully overcome the hold the disease had on me without the use of drugs. I want to know people's biggest frustrations went it comes to diet and Crohn's disease?

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How I beat Crohn's Disease NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your post. You're absolutely right in that diet has a huge impact on Crohn's disease. Even foods that you have eating successfully for years can certainly cause of flareup. It is a good idea to eliminate spicy foods, nuts and fruit with skin on it. You should also eliminate alcohol, and dairy products because many people who have Crohn's disease have also found they are sensitive to dairy products too.

This isn't a case for everyone of course. Crohn's disease affects people on an individual level and some sufferers have severe bouts of pain. Depression can set in when the bouts of pain seem endless but it's important to take a whole lifestyle approach to trying to manage the disease personally. Drinking plenty of water is important and eliminating soft drinks such as coke and eliminating stress is another positive.

I would never suggest that anyone comes off of their medication simply because this can cause flare-ups as well and there is no cure for Crohn's disease. It is a simple as that. There are ways of managing it and certainly diet is one of those ways but Crohn's can seemingly go into periods of remission and this can last for anything from weeks months and even years. But it can suddenly flareup for seemingly no reason too.

Medication can help to keep things under control but without medication you are certainly put yourself at risk. My background is that of natural health and I would always suggest trying to find more natural ways of coping rather than taking prescribed medication, however I speak to a lot of people with Crohn's disease who have found that currently medication from the doctors seems to work, and without it they struggle and yes, there are more flare-ups.

I would be really interested to know how people manage on a day to day basis and if they have any tips they wish to share.

Best wishes,


There is hope NEW
by: Anthony

About 3 years ago i was told i had chrones. i was on lots of different medication, losing weight i didn't know what to do but knew i couldn't live my life this way. I found remedies of Oshkosh, WI. i haven't had a problem since. If you want to get better give them a call, it changed my life.

29 years old, UC at 21, Crohn's by 26
by: Crystal

When I was originally diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis back in 2003, I didn't realize how serious the disease could be. I was 21. Within a few years, I entered grad school and the disease seemed to spin out of control, only my symptoms were different than what they had been before. From blood in stool and multiple trips to the bathroom, I started passing out, vomiting, experiencing internal trembling, tingling around my mouth and in my finder tips, weight loss, and a mysterious pain in the left part of my abdomen.
It took doctors two years to figure out that my UC has spread and was in fact Crohn's. Upper Endocscopy and Lower Colonscopy didn't help either, since those tests don't get to a large part of the small intestine. It was ultimately the wireless enteroscopy capsule test that revealed the full extent of the disease in my small bowel. After years of suffering and becoming bedridden, my doctor put me on Entocort EC (Budesonide) and it worked wonderfully. My only side effects were irritability and foot cramps, but a small price to pay considering how sick I was. I was certain that I would have died b/c I had reached a point where I couldn't keep food down.
I function at about 60 to 70% of what I used to, but I do have some days that are more like a 90%. I sometimes still experience nausea and difficulty eating and have elected to follow at bland diet. I am unable to eat normal food--so sauces like tomato suace, red meat, nuts, fatty or greasy foods etc are out. Alcohol is forbidden. I also avoid gluten--though I do not have Celiac, at my sickest point, I would have major reactions to wheat. My small bowel was so damaged from the Crohn's that I was unable to digest gliadin, the protein in wheat. I have now given up on wheat all together since my small bowel will always have damage. I eat only chicken and fish and softened veggies and fruits. Everything is steamed and softened on the stove. I follow a consistent schedule everyday with food and take my food with me where ever I go. Proper sleep and a strict routine day in and day out help me. I take vitamins D and B-12 as well as Fish Oil.

There is hope..I searched this website b/c today was one of my tougher days with nausea and difficulty eating, so nothing is perfect, but I am trying my best to co-exist in harmony with Crohn's. I believe in the possibility of a long and full life with this disease. I hope to die an old lady in my 70's or 80's of a non-Crohn's related issue. That's my greatest hope and dream. Best Wishes to each of you...please let me know if I can help you. I would share any part of my story, routine, doctor etc with you to help. I love all of you and though I do not know you personally, you are in my thoughts! I know how hard this is!

I have beaten it since 1996
by: Anonymous

I was told I had it in about 89-90, I am now 50 years old. I have had sulfa and prednisone and simply toughed it out. I have had no medication since 93 and have issues but I manage it ok. Its a tough thing to deal with but it will be OK.

The fear factor of Crohn's disease
by: David

When people ask me how I beat Crohn's disease the number one thing that always comes up is the fear that cosumed my life. Growing up a nervous shy person I realized that fear of failure was at the forefront of guiding my life. When my Crohn's came to head in 2003 which nearly lead to my death I realized that I created this scenrio because I was afraid of failing as a doctor. See ever major step in my life I ALWAYS had fear right next to me like a monkey on my back. Because If I tried something new and it failed I could easily go back to my old ways. The stress of emotions espcically fear play such an important role in the healing process of Crohn's disease as well as most diseases, this factor is often overlooked in the healing process.

There is hope and you need to begin with an end in mind
by: David

Personally having almost died from Crohn's disease four years ago I ask myself what value can I offer those who are going through process present moment?
My question for all those who are suffering with Crohn's disease would you rather wait for a cure or would you rather start your own process towards a cure? Being on drugs and looking towards more surgeries was not my idea of options. I knew I could be well without the use of drugs and surgery and thank god I found effective methods that allow me to live Crohn's free for the past four years.

Beating Crohns
by: carol

I would like to know how you beat this disease.
My daughter has it and any suggestions would be helpful.

My frustrations
by: Anonymous

Im Suzanne, 21 living in Ireland. Have had Crohns since i was 8, growing up hospitals were my 2nd home. My 1st cousin had the ielostomy bag done and also my grandfather. My frustrations were dr's telling me that i shouldnt be moping around when in hosp, but seriously when your in the height of the pain and constantly needing the loo... ya'd hardly be in mood for anything else! I Wish you all the best and heres 2 hoping a cure will be found soon. xx

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