how crohn's disease affects getting a baby

by Hille

My boyfriend has Crohn's disease for 2 years now and we are planning to have a baby, he's taking azathioprine and mezalazin and he's condition is quite stable right now, but does these medications affects the preagnency and the baby, is there a bigger chance that we might get a handicap baby than normally? We are really worried?

Hille from Estonia

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medications and complications in pregnancy NEW
by: Annette

I can understand your concerns and you are wise to be cautious.
All medications can have contra-indications and any could have an adverse affect. I would suggest seeking medical guidance on this as many medicines could affect an unborn child.
Although it's not you personally who is taking these drugs, if you were, it is likely that the doctor might try you on alternative medications. Some prescribed drugs can pass into breast milk for example.Other drugs can reduce fertility in men and others will affect sperm production and the quality of the sperm. Methotrexate as an example, should be avoided by both potential parents for example. Seek help out in this instance as it is better to be safe than sorry. To end on a positive note, many people do go on successfully to have children but your doctor will advise you of a way to achieve this that is safest for all concerned.

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