hot weather and crohns!

by nicole
(joshua tree CA)

can extreme heat affect crohn's? ever since i moved to 29 palms CA (the desert) i have been in severe pain...even after my remicade and no one believes me except of course my husband were trying to swicth to a different marine cor base but we need proof to show whats happening!

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A common symptom NEW
by: Annette

I'm sorry to hear that you are finding that the hot weather makes your condition worse. You are not alone.Many people feel exactly the same way.

Some people are just heat intolerant and if you have always found the heat to be uncomfortable, this can certainly make you feel more stressed and less able to cope. Stress will certainly have an impact on Crohn's disease.

The effect of the heat may cause cramps, nausea and general pain so learning to stay as cool as possible and adapting to the heat is beneficial.

Remember though that Crohn's disease affects sufferers differently. It's very much an individual disease as regards this, but you are certainly not alone.

Some people diagnosed with Crohn's disease find that they are more susceptible to developing MS - which is another autoimmune disease and the heat certainly affects MS sufferers.It's always worth mentioning this symptom to your doctor, just to be on the safe side and of course, this may have nothing to do with MS at all.

I hope this helps.

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