i would like to thank people for sharing there stories with us and giving me some hope. I am trying to feel positive and i learned that if you have good people around you, you could get through anything. I said that got operatedin february...that did not go very well. I though that at least i was gonna feel less pains but it got worse, but i am trying to get back on my feet and i know that i will get better and not let this disease take my life over. Alays keep thinking positive and hang around people that will give you postive attitude.I just want to say to people who have Chron don`t give up fight and live yr life to the fullest, I think in the end it will get better for all of us.

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Positivity, management and communication. NEW
by: Annette

Thank you for posting your message. Crohn's disease can make sufferers feel very down, weakened and isolated. It's good to talk about how Crohn's affects you and how you deal with it, because this enables you to reach out to other sufferers.

As you are fully aware, the pain can be very intense, scarily so and when flare-ups occur - especially those long bouts of pain and discomfort that show no sign of relief, it's not surprising that people report feelings of depression and isolation.

On the positive side, it is worth remembering that sometimes the bouts of pain can become less, almost to the point of disappearing. Whilst we know there is no cure for this aggressive and chronic disease, we do have to take comfort that there are times when life takes on a degree of normality and health seems to improve.

No-one knows for sure why this occurs but it makes sense to embrace it, to re-build your life and to enjoy every moment that you can. Days, weeks and months can continue to extend and this is when you can start to realise that there is life beyond Crohn's and whilst it is debilitating at times, you still have so much to look forward to.

This disease affects people differently, so it makes sense to approach management individually too. I mean by this, that you have to learn to work with your body, resting on those days when you are feeling your worst, being more energetic and embracing life when you feel good but looking after the basic needs too. Think holistically and take a whole mind, body approach to your health. You are not looking for a cure but a way to manage the bad times so that the good times enrich your life.
Even talking to others can make a difference.

Learn all you can about the disease but also get to know how it affects you personally and this will help you to stay on top of it as such. Always enlist the support of others around you, do not be ashamed by the way you feel sometimes, instead recognise that you have a disease that threatens to impair your health and life but there is still so much you can do to live life to the full.

If anyone has found ways to help ease the frustrations of Crohn's, I would be very interested to hear this.

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