I have a 25 yr. old son living at home that spends all day in bed , goes out for a few minutes at night to get cigarettes and coke comes home watches TV all night and then back to sleep. What do I do I have tried everything? I myself is getting VERY depressed watching him kill himself. He also eats lots of Ice Cream which is a diary product and caffene that's in the coke.

Thank to anyone that can help me.
signed Help from Ariz.

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Seek medical assistance and learn more NEW
by: Annette


I can sense your frustration and assume that your son has been diagnosed with Crohn's? If he has not had an actual diagnosis, then I would suggest you get him to see a doctor as soon as possible.

One of the side-effects of Crohn's is fatigue and this can impact some more than others. He certainly sounds fatigued and maybe depressed. Is he in a lot of pain?

Symptoms of Crohn's are:

Joint pain
Abdominal pains

Smoking is extremely bad if he is suffering from Crohn's. There is evidence now linking smoking and Crohn's which confirms that it can lead to a greater risk of developing abscesses and/or fistulae. Not good.

Drinking soft drinks is also a no-no.

If he has been diagnosed, has he come to terms with it yet? He may well be in denial and needs some extra support. He is young to have Crohn's although even children get it, but it can be depressing for him at this stage in his life, simply because he will not know how to deal with it.

Whether diagnosed or not, he sounds as if he is not helping himself and needs to be educated. He is doing himself more harm than good and the sad thing is, with medication , he might be able to manage the disease and live a healthy(ish)and productive life. But he needs to take action.

Please do go and seek out medical assistance and let him see that he is not the only one with this disease. He may feel isolated but communication with other sufferers might make a big difference.

I wish you both much luck.

Has anyone else reacted negatively when diagnosed? I would be interested to hear more.

by: Anonymous

Does your son have Crohns? If so, get him to a DR.
If not, make him work or if he doesn't kick him out. There are no free rides, somebody has to pay for everything, nothing is free. My 26 yr old son has Crohns and has no insurance, so we can't get him to a DR. Maybe your situation is the same?
I will pray for your situation

God bless

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