help with crohns disease!

by mogammad
(cape town, SA)

Hi my name is, Mogammad van der Schyff. My wife has crohns, she's been in pain for almost a year, just under 10 months, nothing helps! Siberian Pine, medication, herbal and narcotic, doctors, specialists, alternative practitioners?. Also recently, became unbareable!. Doctor said it was a Virus, but was worse because of her condition(Crohns). All this happened after. The last time she used KleanPrep(for colonoscopy), her stomach muscles are extremely sore, besides awaiting a biopsy for the 3rd time, I'm frustrated as nothing seems to work, please HELP. Any1.

1st time on this site, not too sure of how it all works, if any1 can help, PLEASE reply else contact on vdskashiefa @

Thank you.

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help with crohn's disease NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

I'm so sorry to hear that your wife has been so ill. Crohn's is such a nasty disease and it can completely change someone's life for the worse. Crohn's seems to come in various bouts of aggressiveness so she may suffer for some time and then suddenly, for no reason things start to return to normal and the pain subsides. The only problem is no one knows quite when that will happen. Crohn's is so hard to predict but there are triggers that can be predicted and I'm sure you are aware of them already, but just in case:

She needs to watch her diet and avoid eating eating any spicy foods as these can cause flare-ups, really she needs a very basic and simple foods, even mashing the food or having soups instead.This makes it easier for her to digest and causes less pain as a result. She should eliminate dairy products and alcohol if these are used.

If she smokes, please tell her that smoking is a serious no-no. There are many warnings for Crohn's sufferers to avoid smoking.

She also needs to have as little stress in her life as possible, as difficult as that is these days. It is well documented that stress was once thought to be the actual cause of Crohn's disease, but after much research, it has been established as one of the main triggers that can make Crohn's so aggressive.

if you are willing to try natural remedies, I attach a link for you and perhaps it's worth trying one thing at a time to see if it has a positive effect.'s_Disease

I hear many people say that aloe Vera juice has been really beneficial but of course Crohn's disease by its very nature, affects people on a very different level. So what works for one person may not suit another.

If you are going to try various remedies, I would keep as much information about them as possible so that you can establish which have the best results.

Do let us know how your wife gets on.

Best wishes,


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