Help Please.

by Margaret Reidy

To all,
My very Health conscious son age just 22 went for an appendix operation on june 30th 2008,but in addition was diagnosed with Chron's Diseaes.

I would so much appreciate any advice, help all you people can mail me as he is still in intensive care, and i need to be able to know as much as i can about everything to help him.

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Crohn's Behaviour NEW
by: Annette


I am sorry to hear how ill your son is. Crohn's disease is one condition which can attack so aggressively and without warning. It is often a shock when diagnosis is received and often Crohn's disease and its varying symptoms can be completely masked. Sometimes misdiagnosis occurs but the important thing is that he has at least been diagnosed and once they manage to get his health stable, it's not all doom and gloom I promise.

I am only too aware of how difficult it can be to live with Crohn's disease. It can and does impact every area of the sufferer's life. Socially and work-wise. Worse, people often feel incredibly embarrassed by the disease and can become isolated as a result. The best thing is to be open about it right from the start. Support will be a very important part of your son's recovery but support should also include friends and colleagues.

The good news is that even though Crohn's disease can affect life on a daily basis, it can also have periods of remission. Sometimes remission can be weeks, months or even years.

Stress is instrumental in making the condition worse so your son needs to manage his stress levels which is easier said than done of course. When he feels better, encouraging him to learn relaxation techniques or meditation can be beneficial. Stress and anxiety doesn't cause Crohn's but it certainly acts as a trigger.He needs to keep food as plain as possible, reduce quantities of alcohol assuming he drinks and to avoid smoking.
These are all things that are incredibly bad for those with Crohn's.

There is life after Crohn's. The symptoms can fluctuate from person to person and from flare-up to flare-up. But it can be managed and this is the most important thing that your son needs to be aware of. The doctors will treat him and once his medicines start to work, life can improve. It can be very hard for you to stand by and watch your son have such a difficult condition but many people go on to achieve so much in their lives once they have accepted Crohn's and I hope your son once he comes to terms with the disease and it is under control, can do the same.

I wish you both good luck for the future and hope that the condition settles down.

If anyone has any messages of hope or solid advice on how sufferers can come to grips with the disease following diagnosis, please do share your stories with us.

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