Help me please with possible Crohns

I hope you dont mind me posting here but I dont know what else to do. Will try give a full story whilst keeping it short.
I am 42,female and I have been "not right" for years but particuarly the last 18 months. I have every symptom of rheumatoid arthritis bit no markers in my blood. My joints are very painful. I am always exhausted but I toddle on. Six weeks ago I started getting sharp cramping pain on my left side, As I have ibs I assumed it was that. Unfortunately it got worse over Christmas. I went to the Dr on th 27th in awful pain. I now cant tell where the pain is, its left side, right side and in the middle. Its awful. He thought I may have another ovarian cyst or a urine infection. He gave me Augmentin 500 and booked a scan for 28th. Scan showed no cyst but dr worried about my bowel and I have been referred for a barium enema.Dr said Crohns disease possibly, hence I ended up here.
I have been taking the antibiotics but I feel so much worse, I ache everywhere, I cant settle due to the pain. Im not hungry but im trying to eat. My wee hurts since yesterday and my pooh has gone black but im not on any supplements. My husband is terrified hes never seen me so ill and all my friends are saying how awful I look.
I just dont know what to do, I feel like a drama queen and I just want to cry all the time. I have never hurt so much as now. Can you offer any advice please? Thank you

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Crohn's and Joint Pain NEW
by: Anonymous

We don’t mind you posting here at all, this forum is for everyone and hope that we can offer you support. Inflammation in the joints can be extremely painful and surprisingly, you don’t always need markers in the blood to have arthritis. But as you are now discovering, inflammation in the joints can also be a side effect of crohn's disease too.

You say you suffered with abdominal pain, well, this can often be one of the first symptoms associated with this condition. Your intestines can become inflamed and irritated and you may develop ulcers which form along the lining. Of course as you eat, food can aggravate these sores and this leads to pain and vomiting. These sores can turn to scarring which can still be aggravated through eating which is why so often sufferers of crohn’s do not want to eat, they lose a lot of weight and nutrition.

It’s important that you do eat healthily and ensure you eat easy to digest foods. Eliminate spicy foods and dairy products and see if that helps you in the first instance. If you are not gaining the right nutritional content, then this can also cause joint pain.

Your black stools represent bleeding internally and it is vital that you go back to your doctor and get assistance. This is quite serious and my mother had to be rushed in to hospital for a blood transfusion where they found out that she had lost a great deal of blood before alerting anyone to the problem.

Once they give you the accurate diagnosis, they can at least put you on medicines that will help you to start feeling more human. Hang in there, it’s a depressing disease but there is light at the end of the tunnel and fingers crossed it won’t be long until they start helping you.
Do go back to the doctors however if you have not told them about the black stools.

Best wishes,
Annette Young

Help me please with possible Crohns NEW
by: Lydia D.


I think that you posted this a couple of months ago, so I don't know whether or not a reply will be of any help to you.

Sorry to hear that you are in such a state.

A doctor once explained that the Crohn's granulomas bleb off and travel around the body (much like metastases do in cancer). This explains why Crohn's patient get inflammation all over the place to include joints and eyes. However, be aware that vitamin and mineral deficiencies also cause joint and muscle pain amongst other things.

Crohn's patients often have dietary triggers/exacerbators, so it may be of some significance that you started to get worse over Christmas. You may be, for example, lactose or fructose or wheat intolerant.

You don't mention diarrhoea, but with your current IBS diagnosis (often an IBS diagnosis is changed after a number of years to an IBD diagnosis), I assume that you have the full works. Have you lost weight recently?

Black stool is indicative of bleeding somewhere in the upper gastrointestinal tract and I am assuming that you have been back to the gastroenterologist in the meantime. You don't necessarily have IBD, but your symptoms are indicative of something being seriously wrong whether it be a peptic ulcer, cancer, IBD, or something else.

I suggest that you keep a patient diary. This will help you communicate with the doctors.

You must keep on drinking. Look up the side-effects of your medication on or

If you look awful I am tempted to say that you might not have Crohn's because most Crohn's patients look OK, but feel terrible. However, those with Crohn's anorexia generally look at death's door.

I don't know what else to say except I hope that you have found the support that you require, that they have given you a diagnosis and that you are on the correct therapy now.

All the best,

Lydia D.

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