Help ! I need answers and i cant get any :( can someone help please.

I need help with all of this, basically i had a colonoscopy and endoscopy the other day. they didnt really say much to me after. they said the large instestine is normal but they couldnt get into the small bowel. they said they saw some mild inflamation and my feedback was a normal colonoscopy, i really dont understand how can inflamation be normal i have had so many syptoms and i dont know whats right or wrong anymore they took biopsys that i am waiting to get back. i was wondering if anyone knows if i could still have crohns in the small bowel because they couldnt see the small bowel. And even will the biopsys come back normal? even tho the problems seems to be in the small bowel? they said i will need further tests to see in the small bowel. this is all very confussing, no doctors can give me any answers im in so much pain and no1 seems to care, i need to know if someone could reply that would be great thanks

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by: ben UK 22

Crohns can strike anytime of life i wa diganosed at 10 and its been on the rampage for the last 11 years. Im not sure what to say. If you are able it may be worth trying to see another doctor for a 2nd opnion. In regard to your pain,you need to find a way of reliving it. Weather its over the counter drugs or something illegal.

Im not a druggie but did smoke marijuana for many months when my crohns was really bad and did get relief from it.

I hope things get better.

still no answer
by: Anonymous

Thanks Ben. I live in the US. Had a colonoscopy today. They did not give me enough to stay asleep so I received the pleasure of that pain as well. No answers still. In pain still. At this point I wonder what to do. I have IBS had it for ten years. I am too young for all of this!! But thanks for the advice. But I think seeing g someone else considering all I have been through may be the answer. Thanks again.

by: ben UK 22

Are you in the UK or USA?

I live in England and if you are a UK resident theres no way you should be in any pain. If you are a UK resident go to your GP and request painkillers. There is no need for pain at all. You may have to stamp your feet but you should get some pain relief. Morphine is very heavy and i doubt they will give you this as it slows the gut down but paracetmol and codeine at the very least.

If yu are in the USA,im afraid i know very little about the healthcare system over there apart from the fact many Crohn suffferers use medincal cannabis for pain relief. Im not au fait with the healthcare insurance etc

You should ask if they are taking a biospy. A biospy is basically cutting a small small piece of intestinal lining which they can carry out tests on which should provide a conclusive answer.

Please pursue the doctors as there is no need for you to be in pain. Ive been in severe pain and its awful. You may have to go through a lot of people before someone listens.

Good Luck

waiting on diagnosis
by: Anonymous

I had to have a gastroscopy 4 days ago. They found severe inflammation in my intestine near the opening that goes into my stomach. Now I have to wait until Friday four more days to get the colonoscopy. In the meantime I am in severe pain, diarrhea, nausea and chills. They gave me nothing. Its so bad I feel like going to the hospital. But I know they will just dope me up and send me home to end up the same in a few hours. I don't know what to do. No diagnosis yet. But I have to sit here like this :(

Colonscopy/endoscopy rseults
by: ben UK 22

All forms of testing for crohns,mine has been always been pretty inclusive. They should be able to tell from your bloods. Ask them what your ESR,CRP levels are. If these are high its a good bet you probably have Crohns or IBS. Also the bioposys should be able to give you answers. I dunno if you are in UK or US but if you are in the UK theres no way u should be in pain. You need to see a GP or even another Doctor if this one is not listening to you. Should be able to start you on codeine no problems,if thats not strong enough then oramorph should be used. Ive tried every painkiller and morphine is the only one which worked for me.

I'm dealing with the EXACT thing
by: Maranda

I was just told a month ago its crohns and i had both the colonoscopy and endoscopy too and came back the same other than a serrative adenoma polyp that they removed. But my inflammation is in my small intestine in the jejunum which is on my left side right under my ribcage. They can do a capsule scope to tell you if it is really crohns thats what i'm waiting to get. also see a GI specialist he will know if you have it or not.

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