Help and wondering

by Jake
(Boca raton Florida)

Hi, I have recently within the past few days starting on Saturday, and today is Tuesday. I have had diarrhea with the exception of Sunday all of those days. My symptoms are a rumbly and grumbly feeling in my stomach follows bythe feeling of having to pass gas, but it is really diarrhea. One of my stools was tar black, when it was normal, and the other was greenish. This afternoon I took a diarrhea stool and it was water and some parts that looked like green beans, which I ate for lunch earlier today. Please help my mother has colitis and my sister has chrones, I don't know what is wrong but I am 15 and a tennis player and would like to think that I have a bright future at that, if I stay healthy

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Help and wondering NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello Jake,

Thank you for writing in, I know you must have great concerns about your health right now. It is important that you seek out a good gastroenterologist because it is possible that you have Crohn's or colitis and you certainly need to have the correct diagnosis so that you can start taking care of your health.

You obviously care about your future and as such I'm sure that going to see a doctor will give you some peace of mind too whether the diagnosis is colitis or Crohn's. As your mother and sister suffer in this way, there is certainly a greater chance that you will too and if you can prepare your mindset for this, it will stand you in much greater stead for when you receive any diagnosis.

There is a very good chance that the medication, if necessary, will help you out but there is much that you can do for yourself as well. Try keeping a food Journal so that you have a record of all of the food you eat each day, every week and any symptoms such as diarrhoea, nausea or abdominal cramps for example and when you go to see the doctor you will be helping him to help you.

You can also eat sensibly- perhaps reduce the size of your meals, have a very plain diet, no spicy food, reduce dairy products, mashed or puree vegetables to help with your digestion. Drink plenty of water and eliminate carbonated drinks. This may help to settle any current aggravation. Reduce any stress or anxiety too as these can certainly aggravate any symptoms but do try and keep up with the exercise. If you feel tired rest, but when you feel well, enjoy exercising. It is important to stay healthy.

You can check out some details here which may help you:

I hope this helps. Do let us know how you get on.

Best of luck,

I suggest a Gastroenterologist...
by: Peter Bray

I suggest you get to a good gastroenterologist and have him/her determine whether you have crohns or colitis or simply irritable bowel syndrome--the sooner you act on it, the sooner you can get some relief--become your own advocate and research, research,research---

Peter Bray, Benicia, CA

Crohns advocate for my daughter for 24 years

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