havent been diagnosed with crohns yet

by terri dragonetti

i will be going to my 3rd g dr in 2 weeks the last 2 have done nothing for me just told me i have gastritis come back in 2 month.all i know is my ra factor is elevated and i always have stomach aches and always in bathroom

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Diagnosis NEW
by: Annette


I am so sorry to hear that you are having such problems and I know that it is a very unpleasant and worrying time for you right now. It can be very difficult to diagnose crohn's disease in the first instance but you do need to have some answers and it may well mean that you have to shop around for a doctor who perhaps has some experience in this field. I am aware that a lot of doctors have misdiagnosed sufferers in the first instance so perseverance is key. All I can say is don't give up, you deserve help and I'm sure you will get answers eventually.

When you have problems with your digestive system, there is no doubt that it can impact your life on quite a large scale. With crohn's disease, something seems to change within your immune system and your body attacks all the bacteria in the gut including the friendly bacteria. This is why crohn's disease can be such a problem. It's as if your body starts to turn in on itself.

No-one knows for sure why this condition occurs but we do know there is no known cure.

Your doctor should carry out a series of tests including whether you have a history of crohn's within the family, the doctor will ask you about your diet and if you have travelled outside of the country for example.

Your doctor should also:

Take your blood pressure
Check your pulse,
Check your temperature
Will take blood
Examine your abdominal area.

Your blood tests will confirm if anemia may be present and if so, the doctor can give you treatment for this.

It's important that you learn how your condition affects you and if you can keep detailed notes you will help your doctor to provide you with a correct diagnosis. In the meanwhile, keep your life as balanced as possible - try to stress less, eat well, sleep well and to relax as much as is possible. It's not easy when you are worried about your health but the more you can do to help yourself, the better able you will be to fight back.

thanks NEW
by: terri

im trying a new dr on the 30,i only has a endescope done and he told me to come back in 2 months so i have been suffering im on meds for headaches every day i didnt know that was related to crohns also i say my stomach is like acid goes in then comes out also joint pain

by: Anonymous

The only way to determine anything is with a colonoscopic biopsy. what are they waiting for?!

Insist on some tests! NEW
by: Terri P.

Dear Terri,
I'm sorry you have to go through the same game I did before they finally give you the tests you need to prove what is wrong. My stomach hurt for 6 months everyday and I had headaches all the time and low energy. Also depressed. Found out my B12 was really low, along with I had Crohn's. My family Dr. not the gastro ordered a colonoscopy! Thank God he did. They found it in the ileum. I also have too much bile acid in my blood because my liver isn't working right due to Crohn's. So, now the acid was building up in my system and constant heartburn and abdominal pain. It also burned my rearend when I would go. This medicine is supposed to absorb it out of my intestines. It's also used for people who have high cholerstoral. It's called Cholestyramine. I hope you keep after your Dr. to order a colonoscopy or the capsule test where you swallow a capsule with a tiny camera in it. God Bless!

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