Have crohns for about 6 months

ive had crohns for six months and only had it twice and that was after drinking i think its how ill you are

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Alcohol and Crohn's NEW
by: Annette

Hello there,

Thank you for your post. Hopefully you will only experience the mild symptoms of Crohn's disease as some people do. Flare-ups can be quite aggressive though and can make you feel unwell but quite often they are as a result of a trigger.

You mentioned drinking so I would assume your flare-ups may be as a result of drinking alcohol. I would always suggest limiting the amount of alcohol that you have as for many Crohn's sufferers, it can be instrumental in bringing on a nasty attack of symptoms. This isn't the case for everybody but bear in mind that any inflammation of the intestines is likely to react to some of the foods that you eat or alcohol that you have consumed.

If you speak to your doctor, he or she will certainly suggest being careful with alcohol because of the potential to irritate the intestines. Note that alcohol can also aggravate diarrhea and make it worse.

Many sufferers of Crohn's can feel isolated or depressed depending on the severity of the condition, alcohol can increase feelings of depression and it can be stressful enough on a day to day basis without turning to alcohol which could well make the whole situation worse.

If your symptoms are minor, just try to live a balanced lifestyle and to not eat certain foods that could trigger an attack. Don't smoke and try to reduce as much stess as you can in your life as this can make it much worse.

No-one knows why Crohn's really occurs and as there is no cure, it's all about managing it individually. What works for you might not work for someone else, so its important to listen to how your body feels.

If you have any concerns, always seek medical advice. I wish you much luck and good health in the future.

Has anyone else experienced any alcohol-related flare-ups? I would be interested to know.

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