Gum disease and crohns

by Madalena foster

I have gum disease and iam a dibetic not to long ago I went to the dentist and they pulled my teeth put but I have another teeth that is hurting like crazy I wish I could get fauls teeth or something my insurance just pay for half and I dnt have the money to do my teeth

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Gum disease and Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Crohn's disease can certainly impact your teeth. You need to have sufficient levels of calcium to keep your teeth and your bones strong and if you are deficient in calcium, this could be a reason why you are losing your teeth. Unfortunately, you might be deficient in Vitamin D too and this is vital for the absorption of calcium. I would suggest taking a vit D supplement to help. Depending on which drugs you are on for your Crohns, these can actually impact your health too and cause bone loss. Do check out any side-effects with your doctor and tell your dentist about your Crohn's and medications.

If your Crohn's makes you feel sick and you find yourself vomiting, be aware that the acid will be damaging the enamel of your teeth.

It's important to ensure that you have sufficient vitamins and minerals to keep you healthy although some Crohn's sufferers find they are unable to absorb these nutrients and you could find that you are anemic which is a problem and can affect your gums too.

All you can do is to try to eat healthily or at least top up with nutrients so that your body can keep itself as well as can be expected.

I hope this information helps and wish you much luck in the future.


Gum disease and crohns NEW
by: Anonymous

It indicates that you are deficient in certain vitamins and minerals. I suggest that you discuss with your doctor what supplements you need to take.

A consultation with a nutritionist would also be helpful. Only you know how good your diet is. A bad diet can lead to gum disease. Cola and other sodas lead to calcium deficiency, loose teeth and osteoporosis. Cut out sources of pure sugar, including chocolate, sweets, sweet biscuits and cakes, honey, syrups, sodas, etc. Dilute fruit juices 1:1 with still water. Snacks should be balanced and high in vitamins and minerals, e.g. cheese on toast with tomatoe and fruit, glass of milk, carrot/banana/apple cake (no icing or filling), etc., depending on what you tolerate.

Use an antiseptic mouth wash a few times a day - ask your dentist to recommend one. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, but always leave at least 45 minutes after a meal prior to brushing your teeth. Use a soft toothbrush if you have any gum bleeding and change to a medium bristle toothbrush when the bleeding is under control.

If your diet is a healthy and balanced on, then the gum disease arises due to the malabsorption due to the Crohn's disease.

After checking your blood values, your doctor will probably suggest substituting all or some of the following (assuming your diet is optimal):

- daily vitamin B complex (the 8 B vitamins)
- daily vitamin C (a few times a day)
- daily fish oil capsule
- zinc
- magnesium
- calcium and vitamin D
- iron and vitamin C
- selenium

The water-soluble vitamins (B and C) are not toxic. There is only an upper limit of 50 mg for vitamin B6. However, it is a waste of money if you take too much because they just go straight through the kidneys. I take B-complex with zinc and stagger the vitamins throughout the day to ensure that my vitamin levels are maintained. I do not take vitamins any later than 6 pm because they can cause a vitamin high and interfere with sleep.

The fat-soluble vitamins (A, D, E, K) can be very toxic, so be very careful here and do not take more than the recommended daily amounts.

Get some early morning and late afternoon sun and plenty of exercise to build up those bones.

You can also have Crohn's of the mouth and reflux (GERD) can cause gingivitis.

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