Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko

by celeste Caruso

Hi! I have had Crohn's disease for the past thirty years. Even after two operations and constant medication, symptoms still persisted. For the past several years I have been going to seminars, changing my diet and trying to educate myself more. The first thing I did was cut out all dairy products. I saw a definite improvement. Then I cut out all fried/fast foods and red meats. Again, I saw an improvement. Still had symptoms, though. But I was on the right track. I also stopped eating wheat crackers, bread etc... per a nutritionist and a doctor at one of the seminars I attended. Oh, I also stopped taking medication. It seemed to make conditions worse for me. Anyway, I was still looking for answers. I went to an alternative medicine doctor and he made me buy Green for Life by Victoria Boutenko. He also turned me onto different supplements. After finally reading the book and doing the green smoothies, I once again noticed an improvement. I have been drinking green smoothies for three years now. I take fish oil, cod liver oil, tumeric extract, magnesium/calcium, vitamin D and aloe juice. My symptoms are gone. I'm eating healthier, even nuts and salads. This didn't happen over night. The green smoothies are disgusting to look at but they are actually very tasty. They changed my life. I was always a strong believer in diet & stress being the cause of my illness. My doctors never agreed with me. I believe we know our bodies best. Just wanted to share my story. Please try green smoothies. Happy health to you.

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Dietary changes NEW
by: Annette


Thanks so much for your post. I am sure that many sufferers will be reading it with interest.

It's fantastic that you are feeling better and looking after yourself from a nutritional viewpoint.

Crohn's disease is a chronic and aggressive disease.There is no known cure and it seems to affect people on a very individual basis. No-one knows why it occurs for sure, this can add to the sense of frustration and I know many sufferers who have voiced their concerns, 'Why Me'?

I read of your diet with interest and would like to point out however that it may not be for everyone. Cutting out certain things in life, i.e. dairy may well be a good thing but it is important to cut things out of your diet slowly and to monitor it. I say this for those reading the post as opposed to you because I understand that it took some time for you to adapt your diet.

Keeping a food journal is useful. It's important that sufferers have sufficient nutrients and by adapting their diet could well start to feel better in a multitude of ways.

Ensuring that there is sufficient iron within the diet is good as iron can be lost via bleeding of the intestines and a lack of iron can cause anemia. Vitamin B12 can be taken by way of supplements as can Calcium. Some sufferers may be deficient of calcium as they are unable to process dairy foods and could be lactose intolerant. If there are bouts of diarrhea, supplements of magnesium and potassium are invaluable. If the sufferer is deficient in zinc, this can also lead to bouts of diarrhea.

Looking at diet is certainly useful. But a healthy approach also means looking at sleep patterns, rest, reducing alcohol and stopping smoking.

Good health means working with your body and not against it.

Thanks so much for sharing your story, does anyone else have other suggestions for healthy improvements?

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