getting back on my feet and paying my bills with crohns

by Frankie Gill
(Macclenny, Fl)

I've been out of work since oct 26, 2011 I was supposed to go back to work next week. But I'm not ready for physical work and there are no jobs around. I likve in a small town and gas is too much to try a near by city.I am 25 years old i have a son that is three and a son that is two. My wife tikka is probably the only rock that i have. I feel that its not fair for her because when she was earily teen until late teen she had to take care of her mother while she was dieing. She soon came to pass on september 28 2007 and now she has to take care of me when i feel like im on my death bed and thats not fair to her to have to do this twice in her life to the only two people who have ever showed her love. She tries to be so strong but she has to tend to me the house and our children groceries bills doctor visits for all of us. things are just mounting up and we need some help. just to be pointed into the right direction would mean the greatest deal. Sorry so long thank you for your time. God Bless and that all of you whom has crohn's for your support. Other people with no problems truely don't know.

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