Gassy with crohns

by Concerned
(Chicago, Il)

Gassy and green stools, is this a symptom that a flare up is likely?

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by: Annette

Hello there,

Thank you for your question.
Even with the healthiest of bowels, gas is common and many people become increasingly worried about it. When you have Crohn's disease, there is often a greater concern when an increase in gas is experienced, in case the condition is getting worse.

It might be worth you monitoring your diet and to eliminate those foods that cause gas in general such as:

Sugars - sorbitol, raffinose, lactose and fructose
Beans contain a lot of raffinose and it can also be found in broccoli, brussel sprouts and cabbage.

Lactose (the natural sugar present within milk) is found in milk products, cheese and many processed foods. But it's also in cereals and bread too.

Fructose is found in many soft drinks as an artificial sweetener but it also occurs naturally in fruit - including apples, peaches and prunes.

Sorbitol is also used as an artificial sweetener in food and sweets but occurs naturally in some fruits.

Starches- these produce gas as they are broken down whilst in the large intestine. Starches include potatoes and wheat.

Fiber too can cause gas because the soluble fiber is broken down in the large intestine. Fiber is found in oat bran, beans and fruits.

Crohn's disease can have a pretty overwhelming impact on anyone who has it and common symptoms include:

Abdominal pains and cramps
Intense fatigue
Weight loss
Green stools
Rectal bleeding.

Symtoms can be severe but they can also be mild and it is difficult to isolate triggers that can make the condition worse.

Eating foods that may make it difficult for you to digest is of course something that should be avoided. Smoking should be eliminated and alcohol consumption reduced and this can go a long way to avoiding chronic flare-ups although they can occur seemingly without reason.

Monitoring how the disease affects you can make it easier to get targetted treatment, so keeping a journal which maps out your daily life can be a great way to spot triggers.

Remember however that everyone suffers with gas and unfortunately, the symptoms you have mentioned are classic symptoms of Crohn's, however, if you have any concerns, it is wise to consult a medical practitioner and they can check that it is nothing more severe.

Has anyone else had any of these symptoms?

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