by JoAnne Myers
(Lake Charles, LA)

I have read on different people that have had to have their gallbladder removed after being dignoised with Crohn's disease. Is there any truth to this story. I just found out that all the pain that I have been having for the last 5 months has been my gallbladder and my Crohn's flairnig up at the same time. Please let me know if this is any truth to this and if after taking the gallbladder out will I have less pain and lose some of my weight that I keep on that doctor's can't understand that I keep on and I don't eat every much at all, because it make me sick to eat. Thanks so much. Waiting to hear news from someone.

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Gallstones and Crohn's
by: malli

Mine is first gallbladder removed at the result of gallstones.Then I was diagnosed with crohn's

Gallstones and Crohn's
by: malli

Mine is first gallbladder removed at the result of gallstones.Then I was diagnosed with crohn's

It is true
by: Amanda

Hi Joanne,
I went through the exact same thing that you are. The Crohn's does affect your gallbladder. I had mine removed in September. You will have less pain for a while, and you will lose the weight. You have to be careful about eating high fat foods, the reccomend that you eat low fat instead because the gallbladder isnt there to digest it. E mail me if you have any questions.

gall bladder & crohns
by: marydon

Gall bladder problems occur when the gall bladder has 'leaks' & that is when gall stones form, from my understanding ... once the gall stones start forming the gall bladder is not functioning as meant to & because of gall stones possibly blocking the duct or because of the size of the gall stones, they usually remove it ... or because of other problems.

The pain is removed once the gall bladder is removed.

In my opinion, it is a mistatement to associate weight gain with Crohns ... steroids either pack the weight on or you become emaciated from them. It is also stated that you may gain more weight after the gall bladder is removed.

I ate like a bird, gained 30# from steroids & could never shake it off. You are not supposed to diet if you have Crohns. Exercise does help with weight loss.

I hope this will help.

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