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My friend has Crohn's disease and she is only 12 years old. She is constantly in pain and I am in another country and continent than her after moving away so my mom could get a better job. Soon after I left she was diagnosed with Crohns disease and that was really hard for me to hear. Now i am wondering if there is any treatments, therapies or some type of surgery that can cure her disease?

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Friend's Disease NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Your comment made me think about the importance of support. I know many people who have Crohn's disease and even with family and friends around them often feel very isolated and become introverted as a result of the condition.

I think it's fantastic that you are willing to help support your friend even from a different country and I am quite sure that your friend will benefit from this support.

I wanted to extend this message to anyone out there who is reading this because they would do well to offer the hand of friendship to anyone they know who has Crohn's disease as it can make a difference. Pre-diagnosis is often an incredibly scary time as they experience pain, nausea and abdominal pains without really knowing the cause and following diagnosis, the realisation that they have an incurable disease is again terrifying and hard to deal with.

Sadly, there is no known cure for Crohn's disease at this time but emotional support and practical assistance especially during those bad days is invaluable. If anyone is aware of a family member, friend or colleague, do try to understand what they are going through, even offering simple advice can make a huge difference in their lives.

Understanding the various triggers can be the first step in managing Crohn's disease. The condition can flare-up as a result of eating or drinking the wrong things so eliminating spicy foods, dairy products or fizzy drinks can make a big difference as will eliminating cigarettes and alcohol for those who indulge. It's important to eat simple foods and to ensure all of the necessary vitamins and minerals are consumed.

Crohn's is such a secretive disease that unless people suffer it themselves there is often not enough awareness out there. Managing stress and environmental pressures is also important and these are key things that will go a long way to helping someone live a productive life.

Best wishes,

by: Adell

that you're on here for your friend is an amazing thing, and even though you cant be with your friend, just your support for her is helping immensely. Vanessa's comment was right, there isn't a cure as of yet, but there are tons of different treatments. I'm not much older than your friend, and with the right medicine i've been symptom free for a couple of months. her doctors are doing everything they can for her...just keep being there for her even if its by phone or online, and be able to listen to her problems

Good treatment
by: Vanessa

How old are you?
You are a very good friend to come here and ask questions about your friends disease. There are no cure for the Crohns disease we never maybe one day... :)
Your friend must have flare ups but her doctor must be doing all he can to find the good medication and treatment for your friend to feel better, when he will, she is going to feel better and get her life back :)
Good luck!

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