First sign's of Crohn's disease in children?

Hello everyone,

My daughter, who is 11, has been having some symptoms with Crohn's like features. She is now at the point of seeing a hospital doctor and I have a few questions I hope some members here may be able to answer before her appointment this week.

For those who started Crohn's as a child or whose child has Crohn's what were the first signs please?

Also, my daughter has high fevers, roughly every month which last 3-4 days. She can get tummy ache with these fevers, but sometimes very mild. She also gets loose stools when she goes to the loo, but doesn't really get diarrhoea.

Do the symptoms ring any bell with any one?

I know symptoms of Crohn's can vary enormously, but I would also like to know if it definitely doesn't sound like your experience of Crohn's!

I think it is unlikely my daughter does have Crohn's, but I'm keeping an open mind at the moment.

Many thanks, Sx

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First signs of Crohn's disease in children NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thanks for your question. I can understand that you are worried about your daughter but there is no definitive answer to the symptoms that you have described. As you rightly state, the symptoms are varied. Crohn's affects people to varying degrees, some have constant pain and others feel the symptoms on an irregular basis.

It can be very hard for a diagnosis to be made and often results are indecisive for a period of time. This is because there are other conditions whereby the symptoms are similar. This can make it frustratingly hard for the doctors and makes it a worrying time for those who are desperately waiting to find out what is happening.

Crohns does affect children and so you are absolutely right to seek medical assistance. I would suggest that you make a note of all the things that she eats, drinks and does - and any corresponding symptoms. This could be extremely helpful in terms of diagnosis. You may well find that a pattern starts to form - certain foods that trigger off a bad attack. Or perhaps she gets stressed at school and this affects her? Unless you can keep a check on her everyday life and general stressors, it can be very difficult for a doctor to know for sure the cause.

If it is Crohn's, then self-help is important. I always think it's harder for children and young adults to cope with it because there are so many necessary changes to lifestyle and painful bouts can affect people socially as well as at school or work.

Some people suffer with constipation and others diarrhea, others can have joint pain, nausea and abdominal cramps. There seems to be no real rule to Crohn's.

Cut out dairy, spicy foods, cola type drinks. These are definite triggers and may help.

I wish you and your daughter the best of luck,


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