Feeling terrible every day

by Michael Joseph

I was diagnosed with Crohn's 5 years ago. I feel bad every day, many trips to the bathroom, pain, gas, burning, I often feel like I have a fever when I don't, I have days where having a glass of water sets me off. My GI says this is not usual, I should feel fine for awhile, then maybe have a flare. Instead, I feel lousy every day. Has anyone else experienced this with Crohns?

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Feeling terrible everyday NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello Micheal,

Thanks so much for writing in. It is so important that people with this disease share their stories as it can be so isolating for everyone.

Sadly, some people just seem to suffer constantly with this disease, there doesn't ever seem to be a break from the pain or discomfort. My mother was just like that, she was in excruciating pain and the disease stopped her from going out very far or for long as she was so scared that she would be ill or need to rush to the bathroom. It badly impacted her life. Luckily, eventually, the doctors managed to get the medication that brought it under control. What a difference in her.

I assume that the doctors have given you prescribed medication? There are different types so if one medication is not working for you, do ask the doctor for something different. Eventually, hopefully, your symptoms will ease.

You have probably done all the checking for food triggers but if not, please do so. There could be one or two things in your diet that is really upsetting your digestive system and causing flare-ups. Equally, if you are very stressed about things, this can also play havoc with your Crohn's disease.

Try to avoid trigger foods and to relax your mind and body as much as you can, this surprisingly can help relax your body and ease off some of the symptoms.

It's important to ensure you are getting enough nutrients and if not, to top up with supplements if eating is too difficult at times. Vitamin D deficiency has certainly been linked Crohn's disease so you might want to top up your levels but also magnesium and zinc too.

I would suggest another trip to the doctors for additional help as a first port of call. I wish you much luck fighting this.


Feeling Lousy
by: Ida.. Mississauga, ON

Read come comments posted and yes it is part of of the Crohn's. I have found this sight most helpful reading how other people understand what we are living with. Stay strong and remember you are not alone. I hope you have a good support system that truly tries to understand

I feel your pain
by: Amanda

Hi Michael,
My story is the same as yours. This symptoms are a part of the disease. I feel the same way every day. I have been in a flare up since November, and sometimes I feel like I just cant keep going. I am starting remicade next month, and I am praying this helps. I feel for you and for the rest of us that have to live like this on a daily basis. Please read my story in the forums called "Help for this hellish disease". If you have any questions, or just need a friend to vent, I am here! My email is trashyflamingo27@aol.com. Keep fighting! ~Amanda

I feel your pain
by: Haley

Yes, I understand how you feel. I don't feel good on a daily basis either. I have realized that I have gotten so use to it that when I have a good day (rare) thats when I realize just how bad I feel. The fever thing happens to me a lot! I am always asking if I have a fever and everyone laughs it off now. I don't have any real advice for you though. I am sorry and I feel your pain. If you would like to have someone to talk to you can e-mail me at hales8883@yahoo.com

Hope you get feeling better,

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