feeling full

by Louise
(South Wales uk)

Hi, my 12 year old boy has always had trouble with th toilet from severe constipation to more recently severe diarrhoea, he says he feels full after 2 mouthfulls of food and immediately after suffers severe cramps and diarrhoea. i myself have had these symptons all my life but put it down to I.B.S. However after looking into this disease i feel we could be suffering from crohns. I have researched it and it seems to fit, but no mention of loss of appetite, i have also suffered from erythema nodosum, which i believe to be a relevant factor. A doctors visit is imminent but would appreciate any feedback, many thanks,,,,

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Help for Crohn's
by: Anonymous

Vitamin D3 deficiency is a major factor for Crohn's. I take 6,000 - 8,000 I.U. a day,
devided by two, 2x a day.

Try like myself taking the above dosage, but always
with a spoon of Flax or Fish oil, to optimize absorption. Vitamin D will give you energy. Eliminate sugars and replace with Honey
in everything! Honey is a mono-saccharides, and easily
digested by Crohn's afflicted bowels, therefore less
bacterial growth that causes inflammation.
Try also take 1/2 tspn of Manuka Honey, on empty stomach 1 hour before a meal. It heals any wound inside and outside the body!!! I tried it when I had
pain from Crohn's attack, and the pain was gone.($12 a small jar) but lasts for a long time.
Try to avoid smoking, and coffee only once a day or every other day!
Instead of coffee, to be alert and awake, put a dash or two of CAYENNE PEPPER
into 1/2 cup of warm water, or into salads, soups, any dishes. It does
wonders! It also takes pain away!!!

You will not regret implementing the above suggestions, as you are getting
them from a Crohn's sufferer like yourself, who is mature in years, and with
experience, and who has tried everything.
I have many more helpful suggestions for emergency situations.
If you'd like to get the information, you can e-mail me: blueiris0000@yahoo.com

If you don't try, you'll never know...

Check with your G.P. your thyroid level,
and hemoglobin level as well.
You might need Iron pill (better from vegetable
source), www.vitacost.com sells them cheaply - Item #CTL4026594. Take 3 a day with vitamin C - 500-1000 mg, for 3 months.

by: Anonymous

The colonoscopy procedure isn't bad, as long as they sedate you. The prep for it, however, that's a war in itself.

by: Anonymous

He may be not so much full as nauseated. When the colon is inflamed, very little sits well and so appetite is reduced - at least for me. I have found that a couple of days of chicken or beef broth, boiled skinless chicken and boiled or poached eggs helps to calm things down. After that, have a look at http://www.scdiet.org/ for a diet that has helped people with Crohn's.

feeling full
by: Anonymous

My 19-year-old son was diagnosed with Chrons in March, following diarrhea for several months and abdominal pain. His symptoms are similar to your son's in that he always feels pressure in the recum, i.e. has a little to eat, then feels he has to release, feels the pressure, but often can't release until later. Your Dr. should probably order a colonoscopy which will reveal whatever it is. The procedure is not as unpleasant as people lead you to believe - good luck!

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