Family History

by Shell

Are there any truths to family history of crohns. I have crohns and was diagnosed in 2003, however I suffered for at least 15 years prior to that. I have a resection in 2006 and this has alleviated some pain but now I suffer with even worse diarrhea and lesion pain apparently. I have just started on aloe vera juice and yakult along with all the usual medications.

I have a 26 year old son who has symptoms but doesn't want to be checked, is there any evidence that family history is relevant to others getting this debilitating disease? Prior to having surgery I was admitted to hospital 64 times in a two year period and I could write a book about the hospital stories and the negligence I witnessed.

In Australia we have to qualify to get the Remicade treatment and apparently you have to be on deaths door to get it.

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Family History
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thank you for your question.

I am afraid that if you have Crohn's disease there is an increased chance that your son will get it too. There is an even greater risk too if both parents have the disease.

It is likely that the aloe vera juice may play a part in increasing the diarrhea and it might be worth considering when these changes occurred. In the meanwhile, reduce some of the aloe vera and see if that helps. Many people say that the aloe vera can be really useful in easing Crohn's disease but do remember that this disease affects everyone differently.

This can make it so much harder to alleviate the symptoms because you have to look at the disease from your own perspective and find out what works for you.

I can understand your son not wishing to be checked out, he is probably really worried that the results may come back positive. In the meanwhile, get him to check the food he is eating and to stop drinking any alcohol or smoking cigarettes (if he does now)as these are two main triggers that can provoke nasty bouts of pain. He should have a very simple diet with easy to digest and plain foods, plus ensure that he drinks plenty of fluids i.e.water as this will help.

Stress can be a real problem too so try to stop him worrying about anything and to learn some relaxation techniques and deep breathing techniques as well. This may help to eradicate some of the tensions and pain bouts and actually can really help.

Really though, he should go for tests to see if he needs medication.

I wish you both the best of luck.
Do let us know how you get on.


Family History
by: Anonymous

Hi,My name is Traci I've had "crohns"for 12 yrs now and 2colon restions.My youngest son was diagnosed when he was 15,now 19.He is 6'1'he got down to 113 pounds last year,he had fistulas draining into his bladder.He had surgery and now on "humera" and 153pds. So yea i do beleive it is inheirted.Traci

Family History
by: PC

Hi Shell,

I have had crohns for almost all of my life. I had it since the age of 7, and i and now almost 32.

My mother has had crohns for a long time as well and thinks she has had it since she was a child but where she grew up, it wasnt diagnosed. My older brother has recently discovered he too has the disase.

So, I guess to answer your is herediery....your son should get checked out.

Good luck with everything and stay positive!

aloe vera
by: Shell

I suffer with diarhea every day and have done so for ten years or more. Aloe vera is said to heal the intestines and I take questran lite to allievate some of the diarhea. I also take rescource drink supplements as a substitute for food some days as I can not tolerate food at times. I was recently told that my intestines are ulcerated and at times bleed out. I am not looking to take remicasde as I am awaere of thecardiac problems that can arise. I am currently n prednisolone 25mg daily as I have have intermittent pain and an infection for several weeks. You can email directly on if you would like to offer any information I would gladly look at your advice. Thanks to all

by: Anonymous

Drinking Aloe Vera will cause diarrhea. Probably not a good choice with crohn's. Remicade is a treatement of last resort. It has some very serious cardiac side affects!!

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