ER visit for Crohn's

by KristyN
(Colorado Springs, CO)

I was just rushed through thr ER for my Crohn's falre-up and then just sent home and told to followup with my GI doc.

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ER visit for Crohn's NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Sorry to hear that you got rushed to the ER. That is scary enough in itself but I have heard many times that Crohn's sufferers receive very little after-care.

Crohn's is an aggressive disease as you well know, but I hear so many stories of how those in the healthcare industry do not seem to understand the fear factor that is also associated with the disease. I know this is not deliberate and that healthcare individuals have to deal with patients in a matter-of-fact way but to be discharged and then told to simply follow up with a specialist, it leaves a lot of questions to be answered. Especially if you have long waiting periods for appointments.

I don't know how long you've had the disease and how much you know about Crohn's generally. Although the symptoms are similar in many people some people have more aggressive bouts than others. I am assuming that you are on medication for the disease and that you are taking it regularly? It is important to continue with any medication and to not suddenly come off of it as you will certainly experience flare-ups. If your medication is not working then your specialist should give you alternative medication because there will be one that is more suitable for you.

Flare-ups are not uncommon with Crohn's disease and usually there are triggers such as stress, drinking alcohol, smoking or eating spicy or hard to digest foods. If you can ensure that you do not actively trigger off a bad response, then it may be that your medication simply needs reviewing. Try to keep your life as simplistic as possible and rest when you need to so that you can build up your energy levels and strength.

I would keep a note of any symptoms that you experience for when you go to see your specialist as this can help.

I wish you the best of luck.


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