Dr. Thomas Barody

by Melissa
(NSW Australia)

My husband sees this guru doctor at The centre For Digestive Diseases at Five Dock. If you do nothing else make an appointment to see him and get started with some pro-active treatment and care.We always thought he just had to live with it but now he is getting treated and with a view to be in remission. They believe the Tuberculosis bug infects the bowel wall and ulcerates and inflames the lining like it does in cattle. We ingest infected food products and then we develop Chrohn's Disease. It makes sense. Due to late onset in some cases and steroid treatment is not good for your bones.

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husbands UC NEW
by: Kathie Hunter

hello dr. brody, my husband has battled with UC for 6 years, has tried all the meds, remicade, imuran etc. to no avail. the us is not doing the FMT for UC as yet, but i realize doctors out of the country are doing this pricedure with great results. do you know of a good facility that would see and treat my husband ? we could always come to you, and as he is treated , i could fish !! thanks for your time, kathie khunter81@bellsouth.net

Re: Puzzle
by: Anon

Dr. Barody, my daughter attended you for some time and she has nothing but praise for you. I am 65 years old and I want to ask you a question. My digestive system is pretty healthy for my age...I have regular bowel movements however I have this puzzle of a question for you. When I consume BAKED bread from a bakery (i.e. crusty etc) I become permanently bloated...where my stomach increases in size to that of double. I have no pain accompanying this phenomenon. The reason I am aware of this is that for months I had this and my wife and daughter were pleading with me to see my doctor in order to have a colonoscopy. However I have these tests as a resort...so what I did I started a planned process of elimination of my diet. I had started having "green tea" coincidentally with this so I cut that out for a week...but my symptoms remained. So then I cut out the baked bread and started purchasing "factory multi grain" bread. Within a few days...the symptoms disappeared. However I wanted to make sure so I again tried that same bread...and once again symptoms re-appeared. I love crusty bread...but I hate having a belly which looks like I am 8 months pregnant. Would you know (from the symptoms) what I may have?.....some sort of allergy to an additive I am guessing???

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