Don't Own Crohn's!!

by Kit Campbell - The Irritable Brain Syndrome

Don't Own Crohn's Disease.
CD is just a name. Ask questions!
What exactly is occurring in your body?
What exactly causes ulceration?
The body's reaction on a cellular level to information that is coming from the controller. You. The way you think. The way you make things mean. What you have been taught.
Please know this.
Check out Dr. Bruce Lipton on YouTube and put in The Biology of Belief.
Yes, medication will help right now, if you are suffering. But that is just dealing with the symptoms. You need to look for the cause :)
After 40 years of suffering from bleeding ulcers, bowel removals, bowel re-section, fissures, pain and pain and pain ... nothing now. No more. :)
If you go into YouTube and type Kit Campbell in the search bar, I am currently sharing my journey through my videos there. I am basically sharing the book I have just written, not yet published :)
The Irritable Brain Syndrome
Know that how you are suffering right now can change.
I don't tell anyone to believe in any religion or belief system, nor do I tell anyone not to take medication or have operations to fix their suffering.
If you feel you need to take medication, then you do :)
If you feel you need to have an operation, then you do :)
Just make yourself INFORMED of all the options offered to you.
I've stood in your shoes and I've felt your pain, your frustration and your anger.
Now, I'm standing in the most comfortable shoes I've ever worn and I want to share them with you! :)
Sounds crazy! But it's true.
It's worked for me, so it could work for you too :)

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