Does Crohn's always cause diarrhea

i am having test done for Crohn's. I have a high sed rate, fever, weight loss, tired, stomach pain. The Doctor thinks I may have crohn's but i never have diarrhea. could this still be crohn's?

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No diarrhea NEW
by: Anonymous

I had frequent stomach pains for ten years but never had diarrhea. Ended up sick in hospital and had a small bowel resection. Now I only have diarrhea! Oh well good times!

Hardly no diarehea NEW
by: Anonymous

I have crohn's too and rarely get the runs, but I had severe arthritis in my neck and hands. I am 54 and fairly young for that. I started drinking aloe vera juice that is pure,cold pressed, organic and made only from the inner gel of the leaf. I am not allowed to give you the name, but Walmart carries it in their pharmacy section. It helps with joint pain , arthritis, irritation in the intestines.It is loaded with vitamins and minerals we need because our intestines don't absorb regular vitamins. It also has a long chain of amino acids and choline which sends o2 to every part of your body to heal. I would try it and see if it helps. It took about 3-4 weeks before I noticed a change. Let us know if you do!

by: Anonymous

yes, i have crohn's but did not suffer from diarrhea. i experience pain, cramping, fatigue, joint pain, anemia and other severe changes in my bloodwork and i even have eye problems but diarrhea is not an issue.. in fact, occassionally i\ll get constipation.

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