does crohns affect your sex life?

hi i have had crohns for the last 4 years and was wondering (aimed at the males here) does it affect your sex life? i remember seeing a leaflet back in this hospital once about crohns and sex life but never got to read it and wondered does it affect you.... i havent seen any problems but due to growing up with crohns i wouldnt know if how i am is right or wrong....

i read all over google that viagra can help crohns has anyone found out if this is true?

has anyone tried viagra for there sex life with crohns and found any problems?

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Does Crohn's Affect Your Sex Life?
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thanks for your question.
It's an important one but the answer is no, it shouldn't physically in most cases but, it does depend on many factors - including fatigue.

Many Crohn's sufferers feel intense fatigue and it affects their lives badly. Certain other side-effects such as depression and abdominal pains or diarrhea could also make someone feel less in the mood.Equally, if someone is on steroids for a period of time, this certainly can impact their sex drive but usually, patients are not prescribed steroids for too long.

Even if the sufferer is not able to have full intercourse - for various reasons, they can still enjoy a loving relationship and communication should be open between both.

The problem many people have is that their perceptions of themselves are impacted by the very nature of the disease. They don't feel whole anymore and their self-esteem can drop. When they battle depression, they are not seeing life as it truly is. This is usually why some don't wish to embark on the more sexual side of their relationships.

It's a shame but it really is down to the individual and their personal situation.

I hope this helps.


by: Anonymous

The only thing that is affecting our sex life is the pain meds he's on.

sex and exhaustion
by: Anonymous

my husband has crohns ( has had for about 20 years) and the only way it has affected his sex life is because of being tired! There are many days and nights that he is just exhausted and sex is out of the question... he has no need for viagra that part of it is just fine its just being too tired...hope this puts you at ease although im sure the disease affects everyone differently

does crohns affect your sex life?
by: Anonymous

Hello, I have it for the past 30 years and had no problems whatsoever with my sex life! So, do not worry!

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