do i have Crohn's Disease?

by Tina
(east sussex)

i am a 37 year old woman and i have been suffering with severe pain in my lower right abdomen for years, i can have no pain for several weeks then it will flair up again i have all the usual symtoms. i had all the test 2 years ago but they came back normal, and after many blood tests i am now waiting for an appointment to have the tests done again. How long does it take to diagnose this? im so tired of it all. My doctor is all supportive to start with then when the tests come back normal they just fob me off with irritable bowel. Im so down at the moment. i wish someone could give me the answers to this.

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Thanks Dave
by: tina

Thanks Dave,
still waiting for consultants to make up their minds of what to do. i'm kind of getting used to it now, but it would be nice to know what's wrong. good luck!


Sounds familiar!
by: Dave (England)

Hi Tina,

I suffered from pain in the right side of my abdimon for years. I had other issues too but the pains sometimes would be so sharp it was like a stabbing feeling.

I had many tests such the colonoscopy, biospy's etc but only late last year my doctor decided I should have the barium test. Its like drinking a chalky thick milkshake. Ater 15 mins or so they take an x ray and the barium shows up inside your digestive system. This is where the doctors managed to see that my small intestine was too narrow and because of this the lining was coming away when stuff passed through. This would leave open wounds which was the pain. Then the scar tissue would make the small intestine even more narrow!

I am currently on steroids and will be back to the hospital soon for further consultation.

Good luck in finding your answer, I know its not a good feeling not knowing whats going on.

Take care


New tests
by: Shawna

Your Doctor needs to give you a colonoscopy or after an ultrasound it showed I had a mass in my abdomen so they sent me for a CT scan and that is when I got scheduled for surgery the next day and diagnosed with Crohns. I had the same symptons as you, but I thought I had Irritable Bowel Syndrome as well as scar tissue. So keep on the Doctors'. You know your body better than they do.

Best of Luck


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