Do I have chrons or just IBS?

by Catherine Roberts
(Sandbach England)

I have 2 cousins with chrones and was diagnosed with IBS at 15. After years of no problems ( I am 42) I now have developed constant indigestion/stomach discomfort. When I am unwell it makes me feel nauseous and cold. I also have tenderness like internal bruising/stitch in my lower right abdomen. All these symptoms will come and go within minutes and stay or stay away for several days.
I sometimes have constipation but very little loose bowel movements bur often see mucus. Could I like my cousins have chrones? My fathers side is of Jewish blood too


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Do I have Crohn's or just IBS? NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thanks for your question. It is easy for doctors to misdiagnose IBS and Crohn's, symptoms after all can be similar. Stress can be a trigger with both conditions and if your life has changed of late and you have increased anxieties, this could be why you are experiencing flare-ups. Of course getting a correct diagnosis is important.People suffer with the condition in different ways. Sometimes the symptoms are minor and at other times, symptoms can be aggressive.

If either of your parents have Crohn's disease, then you are more likely to inherit this disease too, certainly with Jewish ancestry - your risk increases.

Symptoms include:

Abdominal Cramps
Skin Rashes
Joint Pain

Crohn's disease means that your immune system will not work in the way that it should.It turns in on itself and can attack the good bacteria and tissue as if alien to the body.

I would suggest you keep a journal depicting all of your symptoms and any food you eat. You may determine a pattern - for example eating any dairy products, or if you have alcohol.

Do go back to your doctor and ask for more help if your symptoms do not go away or get worse.

Hope this helps.


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