Disability Benefits (SSI)

by Rich
(Clovis, Ca. USA)

My wife has had Crohns for about 25 years. She has been and still is unable to work. Does anyone get disability benefits that has Crohns? I know it will probably be hard, they probably don't recognize the disease as being dibilitating, but those of us who care for someone who does, or have it themselves, know different. We live in California.


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yes she can.
by: Anonymous

My name is lisa and yes your wife can draw. It took me 3 yrs and near death but I fought really hard. I have advanced active crohns and my lower bowle exploded on me in 2009. My dr didn't even want to do surgury but it was that or die. I came out 5 hours later in bad pain and had a bag on my side. My drs told me 1 more explosion and I might not make it. See my friend you can't live without a small bowle and I had over 28 inches removed that night.not to say the removel of over 1\2 of the large ang almost all of my colon. My own 4 kids don't even know. So yes as long as u have every piece of her history and every place she has ever been taken too they can and will help please keep fighting she will thank u in the end. Ur crohns friend Ms. Ky

SSI for Crohns...
by: Peter Bray

Yes, my daughter was disabled by Crohns and bipolar disorder and applied for SSI---has been on it for years---23 years---

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