diabetic and on Prednisone HEELLLLLP!!!!!!!

by Tod
(Long Island, NY)

Wow, is this ever a unique experience for me. i am in the midst of a flare up as we speak. My Dr. prescribed prednisone (40 ccs daily) which seems to be helping a little. i have been on it for 3 weeks now and I am now on 35 mg a day.
For my diabetes i had to go up to 40 per nite (lantis solstar injections) and i am on januvia once a day as well.
Today, when I woke up I had a blood sugar reading of 49 which i kinda knew becaause i was shaking like jello and i didn't feel very sure footed to say the least. During the day with a low carb diet my blood sugar has been soaring to between 275 and 300.
before this, my blood sugar was totally in contron (between 115 and 130 at its highest during the coarse of the day) taking 27ccs of the solostar pen and the 1 januvia per day.
I am exhausted and getting worried about this crap shoot guinea pig carousel that i am now on!
Does anyone have any supplement or dietary suggestions, i will listen to everybody.
Thanks in advance for any advise you can offer to me on this forum or email me at tod@mynewbenz.com

thanks again,

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