Diabetes and Crohn's

by Judy

I would like to know if anyone has been diagnosed with both Crohn's and Diabetes. The treatment and diet is very challenging. Any helpful suggestions?

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Diet for crowns and diabetes
by: Anonymous

Have had Crohns since 19 when no one really could help. Even got drafted into the military and did my two years service and I think that experience helped me realize an inner strength that has helped me fight the disease and confront life’s other crisis. Now diabetic probably from years of steroids. Each sufferer experiences different symptoms and discomfort as well as depression.
It is important to stay active and walking serves as an activity that is good for your heart but has the benefit of helping to move blocked food through the bowel. Learn stretches such as the cat stretch that manipulates the digestive tract that can help pass gas and move blocked food along. I even laid down inverted somewhat to get the gas to move by the blockage, my thinking was bubbles always move up if you turn a bottle of pop upside down. It may cause you to vomit, it doesn’t matter what end it comes out so long as it gets out.
When you are able to eat, EAT. I use Atkins protein shakes because they move through the digestive tract as you recover from a flare up. It has a low glycemic index if you’re diabetic. Liquid or sublingual vitamins especially B12. Recognize your bodies signals that a flare up is imminent then no veggies, low fiber or residue food. Initially when a flare was coming or starting I would revert to tea and toast till it passed then started Ensure and now Atkins. Eventually scrambled eggs then mashed potatoes. Whatever leaves the stomache as a liquid is best. And sleep, if you can’t sleep rest as much as possible and stay hydrated with Gatorade Zero. God Bless you all and embrace this fight, there are pro athletes fighting this disease so it can be done. And when the doc believes surgery is needed it’s like being reborn, but it comes back so learn to handle it. Tell your family and co-workers so they know that the restroom can’t wait, and there is the bathroom humor, easy for guys not so much for the ladies. Sorry for being so long winded.

No help, just complaints
by: Anonymous

Lots of complaints here about difficulties of finding the right diet for helping with both Crohn's disease and Diabetes, but no references to where one can get any answers.

I think my Diabetes appeared because of the two month regiment of Prednisone I was put on. I am hoping that the Diabetes will subside now that I am off the Prednisone.

Type 2 diabetes and chron’s
by: Anonymous

Type 2 for over 1 year and diagnosed with Chron’s.
Prior to Chron’s diagnosis I got my carbs from veggies, eat protein including dairy, and healthy fats. No processed, white, rice,sugar etc
How do I eat now with both?

steroids for crohns and diabetes effect
by: Anonymous

I am a type two diabetic for 20 yrs. Last year I was diagnosed with crohns and the steroid ucerus is really raising my glucose level. before the steroid A1C was 6.6 because I wasnt eating due to the crohn's, with the steroid 9.9 so insulin was introduced.

I have bouts where I am dizzy and my stomache just rolls and I am not able to function for a couple days.
Is this normal for any of you?
Both of my doctors say this treatment is normal and the symptoms are different for everyone.

Crohns and diabetes
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with crohns in March now been told diabetic too! Had brain haemorrhage 9yrs ago with some side effects and don't know where to turn. ...help please x

Diabetic 2, hypothroid, crohns disease...
by: Jeannine

I always have problem with bowel till found out offical 28 yrs old, I got hypothroid i was 25 yrs old and 6 yrs ago i got diabetic type 2. Its very hard to lose the weight... I dont know what kind of diet... Lots veg isnt good for crohn... Help me i need lose over 70 pounds i gained weight i blamed on predisone.

need some ideas on how to treat type 1diabetes,fibromyalgia and crohns disease
by: quandell

I'm 23yrs and I weigh 68lbs. I have been diagnosed with type 1 diabetes mellitus,fibromyalgia and crohns disease. I was 18.when I started with the diabetes the next year with fibromyalgia then the next year with crohns. It has been the down hill situation every since. My friends and family are supportive and are really concerned. I've been to doctor after doctor,I would do for a while but as soon as I get out of the hospital it starts all over again. I need help with your journey and if you can help me with mine. If there is a diet a doctor,or any advice I can get,I'd be ever so grateful. Thank you. Dell

can anybody advise me ?
by: Anonymous

I have just been told after two and a half years of all sorts of medicatios that i have chrohns , i have also been a type 1 diabetic for 51yrs, i am not sure how to control a diet as i have gone without different foods for a week at a time to try and find out which ones suit me, nothing has worked and as one of the people who made comments on this site said. i dont venture very far which is distressing as my family all live over 100 miles from me and it is difficult to travel.

Hello Jen
by: Candace

Hello jen,

Just found this blog now. I noticed you posted 2 years ago. I too have type 1 diabetes and just recently diagnosed with Crohn's. Is the Paleo diet working for you? I'm not sure what to do at this point, I'm 28 and have been diabetic since age 3.


What I advise
by: Anonymous

I'm 67 and single--I got Crohns 10 years ago and it was because I had a bad flu and went to the doc and he had me take an anti biotic pill to cure it---some time after that all of a sudden I could hear my stomach digesting, something I had never heard before--soon after that after seeing a new doc I was told I had Crohn's. So obviously that anti biotic pill killed something in my stomach (good worms). Later on I developed a Fistula which is a small one about half an inch wide. So there I sat wondering what to do as I tried to do my job which involved very high levels of stress. What I did was eat one meal a day so that I could control as much as possible my bowel movements. Next thing I noticed was that my toes felt numb and guess what I was now a diabetes 2 case. During all of the above I did not take any meds or get onto any special diets, though I did notice that my stools were best when I ate beef stew. With all I have read from ppl like you my best advise is do not have any operations try and control this stuff thru diet---operations etc make things much worse from what I read. My aim now is to get a diet that will control my diabetes
as much as possible--which for me is mainly no sugar at all. I've been retired for 2 years now and not having stress is great--but I have become a recluse and never go out unless its absolutely necessary like for groceries etc. So that is my plan plain and simple I try and control both Crohns and diabetes thru diet. Needless to say that I'm famished most of the time but I do cheat and hurt myself once in a while for memories sake, and oh I started smoking again it helps me cope. In the mean time I remember all the good times I had before I got Crohns. Bonne Chance to you all.

diabetes and crohn's
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with crohn's when I was 17 I am now 41. I was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes 2 months ago. It runs on both sides of my family.
For my crohn's I stay away from caffeine [chocolate, coffee, tea even decaffeinated because it still has caffeine] I limit my alcohol intake , no spicy foods. I also limit my dairy intake and it is 1% milk, o% mf in yogurt.
As for my diabetes I stay away from processed foods[because of the fat, sodium, and sugars] deep fried foods too. For alcohol rum has lots of sugar. I know who drink rye with water or diet pop. I will have dry wine[a glass or 2], vodka with crystal lite. I eat fruit everyday but I only have strawberries, blueberries and raspberries. Exercise is important too and having someone who supports your diet. My husband does most of the cooking and has gone on line to look for different recipes. I forgot one other thing. I drink lots of herbal teas because they are good for you.

crohns the drug is good and it works
by: Anonymous

try for crohns chlordiazepoxide/clidinium caps

by: Anonymous

I have type one diabetes and chrones and im 14 so hard so many meds to

Crohn's and Diabetes
by: John Pidgeon

Have been type 2 for ish 15 years but plagued by what I thought was IBS - Doctor suggested going to insulin as the combination of tablets Metformin, replaglizide etc etc was probably upsetting my stomach. Fortunately I kept my private health care going - had an endescopy and found I also had Crohn's - an inflammation of the lower gut. Stress I understand has much to do with it - less what I eat other than a bit too much booze (not more than a glass or two every other day or so!! before you think I'm some big drinker - I'm not) which I occasionally reach out for due to the stress - bit of an evil circle!

I generally have the diabetes under control but the Crohn's does get me down.

diabetes and crohns
by: Anonymous

My husband has an illeosotomy from crohns and now has type 2 diabetes.We need help! What does he eat that will help!

by: Anonymous

i have been reading some info about the diabetes and grohns. My husband has both small bowel sydrome which means he wears an illeostmy and was just diagnosed with type 2 diabetes.Looking for information on what he can eat. Its very confusing.We need help!



Crohns & Diabeties
by: Anonymous

Does anyone have a website that caters to people with Crohns and Diabetes. But not in one person. I have a friend who is Type II Diabetic and her hubby has Crohns. What type of food can she prepare for a meal for both of them so she is not cooking 2 different meals??

my 8 year old
by: pietra

my 8 year old daughter is being tested for diabetes but would pains in her belly be caused through diabetes she wakes up every other night in pain her auntie and couzin has crohns i am very worried about her does any one have any advice x

YES!!!! I HAVE!!!
by: paris

Please CONTACT ME ASAP!!! I have never met another FEMALE to have been diagnosed with both, but many of my guy friend's have both.

I have come soooooo close to finding out how to fix this it's not even funny!
And I'm snowed in on the East Coast, therefore I'm not sure if my Endo is open today.
Nevertheless, I was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes in Jan 1993.
I got the Crohn's diagnosis Sept 2008, after years of chronic pain, vomitting, and constipation. My specific Crohn's is ileitus.
Anyway, I just turned 23 Dec 3. So you do the math. I am otherwise healthy and fully functional. Suffering no major complications from either disease... yet.

I am more than willing to talk to you, because your answers to my questions is going to help my doctor. I don't want to give too much away, but I KNOW how to fix this!!!
I just need to give what I have learned to my Dr.

my info can be found on my company's website:


an answer
by: Anonymous

One way that i know of that u can get diabetes because of the crohns is if u r on steriods to treat the crohns they cause diabetes my dad now has both because of the steroids

by: Anonymous

How do they treat Chrons in diabetics. If you have to be put on steriods-increase glucose

what kind of diet for diabete/crohn s disease/acid reflux
by: jenny5678

I found frustration.. all the hospital nutrition clinic are full..i dont want to pay any nutrition clinic. what kind of diet.. i search there is no specific diet for me.

diabetic type 2 and chrons
by: Anonymous

I am 33 yrs old and have four young children went really overweight about 5 years ago and was diagonised with type 2 diabetes and since last year i left my 16 years marriage of domestic abuse. i just started enjoying my life with my kids fullfilling my wishes in career and found someone who really loves me and now chrons, but i think instead of worrying just let life take its cause, hope and pray for the best and its hard but i try to live for my kids and just makesure diet and excercese is always maintained. goodluck from the bottom of my heart to all of you who suffer from both or one.

I am too
by: Jen

I was diagnosed diabetes type 1 when I was 16. Now I am 24 and recently diagnosed with Crohn's.
By the way food limitations because of Crohn's are good for my blood sugar 8-) I've almost had none having only diabetes. I had no strong motivation to limit the food and it often resulted into high glucose levels.
This is life. Sometimes it sukz.
I'm trying to stay positive and planning to start paleo diet.

Just diagnosed
by: Just Smile

ive just been diagnosed with type 2 dibetes and have had crohns for 20 years. It just doesnt seem fair when you see healthy people eating rubbish, overweight and who do no exercise.

There isnt much else you can do than smile and just accept things, and try to find what works.

Crohn's and diabetes
by: Carol (KS)

I've been diagnosed with crohn's since 1996, had resection/anastomosis. Just diagnosed with diabetes last month. Using carb exchange diet I've lost weight (have lots to lose) but the foods are really irritating the crohns. So, how to balance sugar, weight loss and crohn's and dehydration issues. I'm going to call a dietitian and hope for some advise there. If anyone here has some helpful suggestions that would be awesome.

life can be a bit of a bummer sometimes
by: Larry

I have had type ll diabetes for 4 years. I found out I had Crohn's last August. Unfortunately, my Crohn's is relentless and the word remission does not seem to be in my vocabulary. I have lost 70lbs which is sort of good news/bad news. Unfortunately, at 56 years of age, I am now below my high school weight and would like a little healthy weight back. The biggest problem I have is common to many of the people whose blogs I have read. The Crohn's is taking presidence in my life. My gastroenterologist has me on a diet that is totally opposite what I need to control my diabetes. White bread, white rice, pasta, no fiber, virtually no vegetables and no dairy make for a very bland diet with a high glucimic index and hard to control blood sugar #'s. There has been some improvement, so with the help of my diabetic nurse, all I can do is play the insulin adjustment game as my Crohn's medications change. Knowing I am not the only one in this situation does not always make things feel better - many have problems much worse than my own. Maybe some day someone will hear of a magic cure or treatment and will post good news for everyone.

by: bws

pick up the book great taste no pain by sherry brescia

Stomach issue's and diabetes
by: Anonymous

I am 24 male and I have been dealing with stomach issues for years now also I was diagnose with type I diabetes when I was 9 years old. I have been hospitalized multiple times for nausea and vomiting. The doctors (Endocrinologist, GI) seem to think it is gastroperisis and the third medicine I have been prescribed (Domperidone) was working great for a month or two but now my stomach is just in pain all the time, when i wake up, after i move to much, after I eat or drink too much. The pain is almost unbareable at times...does this sound like Crohn's disease?

crohns,diabetic with high cholesterol
by: b w s

what does one eat with high cholesterol,and high sugar if anyone known ill be very grateful thanks bws.

crohns,diabetic with high cholesterol
by: b w s

what does one eat with high cholesterol,and high sugar if anyone known ill be very grateful thanks bws.

Balancing the Risks
by: Andy

I'm a 60 year old male and have had Crohn's since my early 20's although I was not officially diagnosed until I was 33. I had surgery to remove my terminal ilium and about 40 of my colon in 1993 after being hospitalized half a dozen times with obstructions. I was not a typical Crohn's patient in the sence that I was not malnurished and gradually over several years I went from being slightly overweight to being obese. I developed type II diabetes about 8 years ago and until recently I was able to control it with oral medications and diet but am now taking insulin too. I have a very simple (some would say simplistic) attitude toward my diet. It's based on the concept that while Crohn's symtoms may make my life miserable, diabetes will kill me if I don't keep it under control. So I eat salad and vegetables, whole grain breads and no suger added treats to control my blood glucose levels. If eating that way agravates my Crohn's systems, I may back off the high fiber diet but mostly I just try to ride it out. I do take Immuran and Pentasa and the seem to help. But for meeting treating the diabetes has to come first

by: Anonymous

I have posted twice now on this page about my daughter. She is soon to be 14 and we have been dealing with this since she was 11. You would think nearly 3 years would be enough to find some kind of rhythm but alas this disease is too complicated. She has Diabetes type 1 and Crohn's disease and now she is have circulation issues with her legs. For about the last month and a half her legs have been swelling to the point of extreme pain. They have so far done an ultrasound and an MRI with the results being that she has begun to develop arthritis but not enough to explain the swelling. We go to the doctor on Tuesday to discuss the fact that it is more than likely a circulation issue and see what we can do. I understand that diabetics tend to have circulation issues and I expected it at some point but it just seems to soon. If anyone else has had this problem please let me know. Thanks.

i do
by: joseph jones

i have both diabetes and crohn i am 16 its not fun i cant eat green food or food the make people use the bathroom

i do
by: joseph jones

i have both diabetes and crohn i am 16 its not fun i cant eat green food or food the make people use the bathroom

Crohn's, PCOS, Diabetes, Hypothyriodism, and Arthritis
by: Anonymous

About 5 years ago I was diagnosed with Crohn's disease, and slowly developed Arthritis. First I was on Prednisone and 75 mg of Azasan, but after 4 month I could stop the steroids. I remained taking Azasan until about 10 month ago. I started taking fisol fish oil pills and I can only advise you to try it. It worked for me. I was taking 3 pills every night. I think one could even take 6 pills and may see relieve. My Crohn's is in full remission. However, I still need to watch to eat only small amounts of fruits and vegetables during the day. About 8 month ago I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism and started taking 88 mg of Levothyroxine (generic Synthroid). Yesterday I was diagnosed with Diabetes and Poly cystic ovarian syndrome. I cannot wait to see what my diet is supposed to look like. By the time I am done cutting out of my Diabetes diet what I cannot eat due to my Crohn's disease and my Arthritis I might not have much left to eat. I am hopefull though. As long as I get my energy back I will survive.

horribly frustrating
by: Anonymous

I am a crohns patient and have been for 20 years. It has been an uphill battle at trying to get the caloric intake needed to function. After developing a reaction to remicade and a bowel resection I was being reevaluated with a scope to find I had a high fasting blood sugar. This unfortunately is related to the steroids that I have been dependent on because of a failing adrenal gland. When diabetes is stimulated by steroids, there is a chance that it will relapse once the dose of steroids is decreased. Crohn's unfortunately is an autoimmune disease which usually accompanies other autoimmune disease such as rheumatoid arthritis, thyroid disease, various skin conditions and type 1 diabetes. The combination of the two diseases is horrendous to work out a diet. I am in the medical profession and at the edge of a type 1 diabetes diagnosis and I don't even know how to proceed. I am hoping that a steroid wean will allow my pancreas to function better and my insulin secretion will be more able to do its work. My heart goes out to all who suffer in this disease with me. Know that your doctors mean well, but unfortunately we need research to help us to find a way to treat the diseases and function effectively.

Crohns and Diabetes
by: Anonymous

I was diagnosed with Crohns in April.Been in and out of the hospital too many times to count.Last week I was also diagnosed with diabetes.Boy that was a shock.Now I am trying to figure out how to take care of myself.Its like no matter what I eat I am sick.I have rh negative blood,i am small,not over weight,my cholesterol is good,not your typical diabetic.I really need help.Any suggestions?Lisa

crohn's and diabetes
by: sue

Anyone that takes prednisone for a period will have high sugar levels. It is a steroid. I have chronic crohn's and diabetes. Cannot take steroids of any kind and regulate blood sugar. I have to take 5-6 shots of insulin daily since I am Type 1 and my crohn's is definitely not under control. It started in my rectum (three feet have been resected) and has gone to my esphagus. I have had multiple surgeries, bowel rest (two weeks in the hospital on tpn) three times and take humira once every two weeks. I have fallen into deep depressions, simply because of tryig to control the two diseases and stress of my job. Until a miracle comes along, i guess we just keep praying for our "good" days. It's tough...very tough.

back to normal
by: Anonymous

Is there anyone that has taken prednzone(SP OOPS!) and were diagnosed as a diabetic induction due to Pred. Once you were taken off prednozone/decrease doasage did you go back to normal. I have heard this happened in some cases. I was not "diagnosed" When I was hospitalized my blood sugar went up when the doctor increased my dosage to 60mg to help stablize my crohns.

Is there a link in the blood?
by: Anonymous

I have been diagnoised with Crohns for some time now and have just been diagnosed with Diabeties, this site is good to know that I am not alone but on the other hand I now know what you are all going through. I have a question though, is there a link anywhere in all this? Is Crohns an autoimune disease and if so is there an even more common link? I am blood group O resus negative and was wondering if others are also negative type blood groups?
It would be interesting and hopefully beneficial if we could all find the common goal which starts this and therefore give the experts something to work with.

Good luck all and best wishes.

Crohn's and diabetes
by: comfort

I've been diagnosed with Crohn's since 1997, did well w/meds that i was placed on for about seven years but started having flair ups and was placed on remicade which worked well for about three to four years then it seemed to just stop working so my doctors decided to try humira so waiting for the humira to kick in I became dehydrated and had to admit myself into the hospital where i was placed on a higher dose of prednisone/60mg which induced type 1 diabetes,blood sugar had to be checked four times a day so just like some of you said trying to find a diet to cater to both diseases is tiresome. My doctor and also a diabetes nurse specialist said stay with the Crohn's diet and adjust it so it won't upset your blood sugar level.I know this might be of little help or comfort for someone looking for answers but I wish that it did help someone because i'm still looking for answers myself,so keep praying and asking questions.

Crohns and Diabetes
by: Anonymous

It has been several months since I have written about my daughter. I guess the last post was in March. Since then she has been in the hospital a couple more times and had another EGD due to really bad reflux. Thankfully the EGD was negative and she was put on an additional acid reflux med and that seems to have helped. So now she takes 3 pills a day to deal with acid reflux and 7 to deal with the other end of things. On top of that she gets Insulin and Lantus for her diabetes. It's a lot to deal with but I keep telling her that it could always be worse.

Crohn's and Diabetes
by: Anonymous

I am struggling with both Crohn's and Diabetes type 2 for the last 10 years. I struggle with weight loss. Managing these 2 diseases is a constant battle. What is good for one is bad for another. I need to lose 65 pounds and I am currently trying Weight Watchers. Exercise also helps but when the Crohn's is out of remission, like now, it is difficult.

Any advise is welcome.

What a pain
by: Anonymous

First off – WHAT A HORRIBLE DISEASE (Crohns)and I feel so bad for the little one’s that start suffering at such early ages. I was a very healthy 48 old before I was diagnosed with Crohns 1 1/2 years ago. I have changed my diet to control the flair ups but I have now been told I have type 2. Take out the fiber, veggies, spice; alcohol and pretty much used the BRAT diet (bread, rice, applesauce and tea). Gained 20 FAT pounds and now type 2 is on me... my primary Dr tells me to stop with the carbs, sugars, and I should exercise!?!?! It is 2009 and I cannot get a Dr., nutritionists, Witch Doctor, etc... to give me any clear and useful information/life plan to battle these two diseases at the same time. Good luck everyone

how do u deal wit it
by: crohns and diabetic

I just found out that my husband has both crohns and diabetes type 1 on top of rheumatiod arthritis he also stays really depressed because of this how do u show them the love and care they need to get through it anyone wit any advice

by: shall

There are no answers. Crohn's is a horrible, relentless disease. Try adding Type 1 diabetes to that. I have wonderful doctors, both of whom are totally baffled about treatment. Pray. Pray that every day will be a good day. This is what gets me through.

Crohn's & Diabetes
by: Dianne

I was diagnoised with Crohn's disease 10 years ago.Lived with all the complications,steroids,hospitalized to numerous to mention. Went into the hospital in May with pancretitus, now the doctor say I have Diabetes. I have lost my appetite and that isn't good for these diseases and I'm very depressed. Anyone have any suggestions?

I have
by: Mary

I have been told that the predisone induces the type 2 diabetes. Because of my flare up I have had 2 predisone treatments.

I have
by: Anonymous

I have Crohn's disease and I just received a letter to say that I have PCOS and type 2 diabetes. Don't know what I am going to do now

My brother has Chrons and Type 2 Diabetis
by: Anonymous

My brother gain over 150 lbs from a car accident and now has not been able to work. His health conditions has be getting worse in and out of the hopital every day cannot stop the chrons flair up.
Sever pain in stomach..

I wish Iknew how to help him.

Crohn's, diabetes, and me
by: Shall

I have type 1 diabetes and crohn's. I am insulin dependent and have had 3ft of my colon removed. Every day is a struggle. I have complications from the crohn's including peripheral arthritis, skin rashes, nausea and trouble controlling my sugar levels. I have taken everything on the market and am now on humira, but to no avail. At times, the crohn's causes gluten intolerance, so I am on three different diets, none of which work. I suppose you just have to live with both diseases the best that you can, have excellent doctors, and hope and pray for the best. I'm a fighter, and will not give in to these diseases.

Diabetes and Crohns sufferer
by: Pat

My husband has both Crohns and diabetes as well as Rheumatoid Arthritis and Pulmonary Fibrosis. He was put on high doses of steroids to help his Arthritis and Pulmonary Fibrosis it was this that caused his Type 2 diabetes.

His main problem is that his crohns makes it necessary for him to eat and his diabetes says that he shouldn't. As a result he has just been given insulin as the tablets weren't controlling his sugar, and other tablets available would effect his pulmonary fibrosis.

His bloods range from 15 to 34 at the moment but they are hoping to control this with the insulin.

Crohns and diabetes
by: Anonymous

My daughter is 12 and she was diagnosed with both Crohn's and diabetes about 18 months ago. I let her eat pretty much what she wants with the exception of things that will throw her diabetes or chron's into chaos. For example she can't eat really sugary foods for the obvious reasons related to diabetes and she can't eat really spicy foods due to her crohn's. Fried foods don't sit well either. I have yet to find a site that addresses both of these problems together so if you happen upon something please send me an e-mail at jennifermcneely@cebridge.net. Thanks

Diabetic with Crohn's
by: C&D

My husband suffers with both Crohns and Diabetes. I have not seen any medical advice for a good diet. He has had Prostate Cancer with treatment with 98 seeds inplanted. What is he to eat?
What makes it even worse for us is I can not eat beef, pork, or lamb and cooking smells make me ill due to many bouts of cancer and treatments.
Cooking in this house is one big pain.

can crohn's cause a person to develope diabetes
by: belinda

my husband has crohn's and has his large bowel ,part of his small bowel and his rectum removed and now after five years he is suffering with alot of pain in his elbow and shoulder. he also has bad disk in his back. the doctor is sending him for blood work to check his sugar. what i was wondering can you get diabetes because of the crohn's.Thank you belinda

Diabetes and Crohn's
by: Sue (MI)

I have both diseases (along with an autoimmune disease of the pituitary gland). I take steroids to replace what my adrenal glands no longer produce. The steroids pushed me from pre-diabetes into full blown diabetes. It is discouraging because what is good for the diabetes (lots of fiber) is bad for the crohn's. If I truly ate only what was good for me, I would be eating nothing but poached fish and chicken. Because I was already taking the steroids when I was diagnosed with Crohn's, I tried Asacol which didn't do a thing, and now have been on Remicade for about a year. Usually works wonders, this time I'm having some symptoms. So, I'm as frustrated as you, and find myself eating whatever I want to eat just because it makes me so mad and depressed!

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