by Sarah

Hi everyone,
I'm 21 years old, female and i have been suffering from many of the symptoms associated with Chron's for around 5 years now. I am booked in to see a gastro doctor in a few weeks.

The problems started when i was in high school and have since worsened with times of relief and times of frequent discomfort and pain. I have been tested for so many things relating to the symptoms including heart problems, anemia, indigestion, anxiety etc etc I am going crazy looking for an answer, i feel like the doctors are going to think I'm a hypochondriac but i feel sick and lethargic almost all the time.

My symptoms:
-Daily bloating, especially after eating. I look pregnant some days!!
-Chronic gas. Its much worse if i eat 'bad foods' like bread, pizza, pasta or drink alcohol and so are the pains in my abdomen.
-When i feel like i have a blockage i get pain very low down, inline with the bottom of my hip joint either left or right. This was very bad when i was still eating bread, sometimes it hurt so much i struggled to walk and i felt like my anus had been punched but i just couldn't poo!!
-Going to the toilet up to 5 times a day or none at all. I chop and change between diarrhea and constipation, sometimes both in the one day. The first part might come out hard or 'rabbit poo' like then slop.
-Joint pain seems to be getting worse and worse, my knees ache, my shoulders r sensitive to touch and i often just feel achey.
-I am ALWAYS tired, i could sleep 10 hours and still feel lethargic.
-I get dizzy all the time esp when i stand up or get down from a height, i've never passed out but i lose vision and have to stand still for a minute and catch my breath too, often my heart pounds away.
-I've had really bad pains in my chest near my sternum (where the rib cage joins).
-I sometimes feel itchy on my back.
-Frequent urination and getting up multiple times a night to urinate. Was tested for urinary tract infection result negative.
-Runny nose and sneezing everyday. Sometimes watery eyes.

Thats about all i can think of for now. If anyone has any advice please please let me know I am so very desperate to figure out what's wrong with me, It's ruining my life.


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Stop Eating Junk Food NEW
by: Anonymous

I can't help but voice an opinion here. It all circle's around the same issue. It's the food you are eating. It's the amount you are eating. If the food you're eating comes in a can, bag or box stop eating it. Soon everyone will have the same issues. It's your diet.
Watch the Gerson Therapy on youtube, this may change your thinking process and then perhaps change your intake habits. Alcohol is a product that will inflame the tissues within the body, if you are suffering with IBS don't drink. Change your diet and in three months once your body sheds all the junk out you will be much better. It's what you are eating. And drinking.

by: Fiona

oh my god... i have all the same symtoms started when i was 4.. i am now 21 and i have been to the doctor and specialists so many times ... i have had colonoscopy and endoscopys and bariem meal and contrast dye and xray scans and blood tests and still nothing... i am also booked in to see a gastrologist... hopefully they can find out wats wrong with me... its getting to the point of some days i have trouble looking after my 2 girls because i am so lethargic and have to go and spend hrs on the toliet and rolling around in pain on the couch...i have even been to a naturepath to see if they could help...i really hope they can help me...

What to do
by: Christy J

I had my gallblader out in 10/08. I've had the same problems but worse know im blotted and i have realy bad back and abdominal pains. Sometimes nausia always diarea. They love giving a lot of pills but no answers it is crazy i cant hardley eat a lot of foods like before they always come out the other end. It is affecting my job sometimes i can't go to work for days.

i have the same problems
by: deanna

all your symptoms is very familiar except the nose problem.i just had a colonoscopy 2 weeks ago.they said i had erosions in the illium so they put me on pentasa the only problem with that is it has made my stomache problems worse. i also have like someone keeps grabbing at my hip then i have pain down my leg.i also have fibromyalgia.
maybe that is why u hurt all over.and also i had that bladder problem so was put on a pill to help me not have to go so much at night. i also have a bad back.i have herniated discs and bulging discs.i am 39 but they say myback looks like a 60 year old.i also go back and forth between constipation and diarhea. i was told i had ibs.
i am on 15 mg of oxycodone. 8 of them a day.
it does nothing for the pain. i am sorry u have these problems believe me i understand.i too think the drs think all this is in my head.
take care and here is my email if u would like to stay in touch

My two cents worth...
by: Belinda

I hope you find an answer! I have had very similar symptoms for 7 years and also feel like the doctors must think I'm crazy.

The pain under your ribs and the pain by you hip bone sound like your appendix may be getting inflamed (if you still have them). They can become inflamed and then fight-off whatever is causing it. I had been complaining about similar pain every few months for years and everyone ignored it. Eventually, my appendix burst (exactly the same symptoms as before) and the pathology showed it had been inflamed before.

My advice is to have the colonoscopy and endoscopy but, if they do not uncover anything, then you should see about taking the camera-pill so the doctors can see your small intestines properly.

As far as food goes, stewed apple is a good food to eat for brekafast and for snacks and won't upset your stomach. Just cut up granny smith apples and simmer in water until soft. I eat mine warm with cinnamon sugar. The benefit is the apple is full of pectin which will help relieve diarohhea (but won't cause constipation).

Best of luck.

sarah from australia
by: Shell

To me it sounds like you need first of all a good specialist, what state are you in.? Some of your symptoms are found in crohns and the others are more likely to be hayfever and or another viral type infection. I urge you to see a top gastrologist. Crohns is not just diagnosed with one easy test sometimes it is best to rule out symptoms and other illnesses before crohns is diagnosed. A CAT scan with the contrast dye is useful as is a barium xray. Start with a referral to a good specialist. Let me know how you go.

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