dental caries and crohns disease

how does crohns disease put a high risk in dental caries?

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dental cavities NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for your question.
I concur with the previous response in that many people who suffer with this condition do not consume enough vitamins and minerals and teeth and gum health can be affected in this way.

In fact, a poor vitamin intake can cause fissures of the tongue. Often people who have Crohn's disease have indicative signs in their mouth up to about a year before the disease has even been diagnosed. It is important that you regularly visit the dentist for routine check-ups but don't be surprised if they do extra checks by way of blood tests to ensure no forthcoming problems are present or indicative in the mouth.

Crohn's sufferers do have a higher tendency for developing teeth cavities, there is also a greater risk of developing bacterial and yeast infections too.

I would suggest ensuring a healthy and nutritious diet and to make sure you have all of the relevant vitamins and minerals that are required, either within your food or by way of supplement. This can help but regular checks-up with your dentist are important.

I hope this helps?


no one likes a smart a$$
by: Andi

I was diagnosed in 1996 and have a B.S in Nutrition and would love to give you a more serious answer :)

Crohn's affects nutrient absorption when you are in a flare aside from good brushing, it is important that you are aware of decreased absorption when your disease is active. Also, many people limit the foods that have nutrients that help with dental health, such as dairy products. I would recommend a multi-vitamin, at the least. I know many people with Crohn's (myself included) who take a Flinstone Complete chewable, because other vitamins aggravate our system. Added Calcium and vitamin D is crucial (especially for women or if you are limited in your dairy intake). If you are taking a Flinstone, it is pretty low in Calcium, so I would take about 1000 mg extra per day. During prolonged flare-ups, additional vitamin C, B12, and B3 may be beneficial.

I hope this was helpful

try brusking
by: Anonymous

crohns patients that don't brush their teeth run the risk of dental caries.

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