i had crohns since i was 16 pain fever not alot of going to the bathroom then it went away around 32 years they couldnt find it anymore i am going to be 57 years old i had a flare that i never had before i had ulcers all along my colon no pain just everything coming out of me including blood has this happened to anyone else i am on ascol.denlou

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Crohn's Flare-Up NEW
by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Thank you for writing in.

Unfortunately, your story echoes that of many Crohn's sufferers. Severe pain, remission and then a very aggressive flare-up. It's horrible and I greatly sympathize.

Sadly, Crohn's disease never really goes away. It is incurable still and affects people on so many different levels. For many people, there are long periods of remission which do in fact make it bearable and means that life can take on some sort of normality.

Flare-ups when they occur however can feel devastating and it is as if the disease has started all over again. It may be that you have done something different, perhaps you have eaten something that is acting as a trigger which can cause flare-ups, it may be that there are other triggers that are in place-smoking, alcohol, greater levels of stress.

Because your flare-up is very aggressive, I would certainly suggest that you go and seek medical assistance as soon as possible especially because you are losing blood. No one can predict what has happened is or why at this point, so medical advice and tests can take a look at how aggressive the Crohn's has become.

Some people state that even small changes such as the weather can trigger off an attack, it can certainly be difficult to predict but it may be useful to start keeping a food journal but to also also monitor things such as stress levels, anxiety ,dairy products.

Whilst Crohn's disease can certainly develop, it is true to say that the individual changes too, so the foods that you may have been able to eat for years, may now be causing problems. Whatever the situation, bed rest and a simple diet – liquid form might be best whilst you are in the midst of pain, there is no substitute for professional medical advice and I wish you much luck.

I have attached some links to give you a starting point and I hope they help.

Best wishes,

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