Dealing with Crohn's

by Nikki Challicombe
(Windsor, NSW, Australia)

I am 22. I was diagnosed on my 22nd birthday with Crohn's disease and I currently am struggling with it all. The more I read about it the more i get scared, the less I knew the more I was worried. I dont know anyone with Crohn's other than my partners uncle but his Crohn's hasn't affected his life nearly as much as my Crohn's is affecting my life. I was a chef for 7 years and currently dont have doctors permission to go back to cooking fulltime. I have been living with my other half since a month after i was diagnosed with Crohn's and its been 5 months but now its just a big mess. Everything is up in the air, I'm so worried he will leave me for someone that is well, constantly concerned about who he is talking to, my depression is getting worse and my emotions are through the roof, i cant stop crying at random, the pain of the cramps im still having are what I can best describe as giving birth or near to it as I havent given birth its what I imagine it to be.

Can anyone help me please, with even just someone to talk to email about what it feels like. Or things to try to help the pain or flareups the medication is working but id try anything to help more.

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