Dealing with crohn's disease and a possible solution.

by Zak Rouas
(Clermont, Florida )

I was diagnosed with Crohn's back in 1993. At that time it was very severe and as has been mentioned here, Stress plays a detrimental role for any crohn's sufferer. My Doctor cautioned me to watch what I eat and follow a strict diet plus he put me on Pentassa 50 mg*4 pills, 4 times a day. I was like this for years and my condition improved. At some point later, a friend suggested taking vitamins. So I started taking Anti- Oxidants and Omega3 fatty Acids and other vitamins. The best one that I remember was a probiotic supplement called "FLORIFY" which contains a stomach-acid-resistant called Lactobacillus acidophilus (which targets the small intestine) and Bifid bacterium lactis (which works in the colon). I benefitted enormously from this product alone to an extent that I never felt any kind of stomach pain for over 2 years. I had a colonoscopy done by my Doctor and he was amazed to see that there was no sign of the inflammation I had. He advised me to continue doing what I was doing. However, I was not able to continue ordering these supplements on a monthly basis and I stopped taking these vitamins. Unfortunately for me and despite the fact that I was watching my diet carefully, I later on had some sudden flare ups more than twice a month which caused me a great deal of abdominal pain, mainly in the intestines. After several occurrences, I began to analyze the nature of the pain and came to the conclusion that when I eat or drink something my stomach does not agree with, I immediately feel some uneasiness in my intestines. Soon this uneasiness progresses to a sharp pain caused by a gas build up in the intestines. This build up of gas blocks food or water from moving in the intestines which increases the level of acidity in the stomach. As long as the gas build up is blocked in the intestines, the Acid level increases and causes more discomfort. This can go for up to two days of severe pain. The pain subsides only after I move my bowels which usually happen till the third day.
I have recently found a relieving method that has been working great for me and would like to share it with you. I have tried it for about 5 times so far and it proved very effective. The moment you get that sudden initial sensation in your stomach and feel that the same ugly scenario is going to happen to you, then take two ALKA SELTZER tablets in a 4 ounces cup of water and drink right away. ALkA SELTZER prevents gas from building up in your intestines and also neutralizes the acid reaction in your stomach which provides a good relief that saved me from having to spend days of agony and pain. I hope this can work for you as well.

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alka-seltzer NEW
by: Anonymous

all I've heard is that too much alka-seltzer is bad for your stomach.

Surgery is helpful to Crohn ? I don't have stomach pain. I m suffering with crohns on my foot? Tell me please a good advise,
by: Anonymous

Give me a good advice

New to Chron's
by: Anonymous

Hi thank you for any advice i am 30 and was diagnosed two weeks ago, i am nervous about what lies ahead for me. Has anyone else successfully used alka seltzer, I am taking multiple medications and waiting to see a gastro...

by: mare. australian

I have had Crohn's disease for 20 years now and i am 43 one problem i have is i now have an ileostomy through 8 resections pain agony like anyone with this horrible horrible disease i have been suffering lower back agony since my 8th surgery am told its reffered pain from my abdoman the my specialist sais No the pain management team are wrong he thinks crohn's arthritis i am confused and need to get back to work can i get Florastor here and i do actually some pills go right into the pouch anyones comment wood be ppreciated I only wish we didnt have to take such toxic medication i am using the injection Humira 3 months not working...Good luck to everone x x any other vitamins

Florastor and other probiotics
by: Anonymous

I'm 42 and was diagnosed with Chrohn’s two years ago. I have what seems like a relatively mild case however during flare ups I was unable to take Asacol due to I get severe headaches from that class of drugs so my doctor prescribed Remicade. Concerned of the secondary effects I asked around about alternatives.

A friend with life-long Chron's experience recommended taking probiotics which his doctor suggested. He had already experienced one surgery and was 2 weeks away from a second bowel resection when he started taking probiotics under his doctors care. Within days was feeling better. He is still on medication but managing beautifully.

I've been taking probitiocs for a year, using Florastor 3 x a day for the past 5 months. I felt better within the first week and I am now not on any medication and feel absolutely great. On occasion I may have a day where I’m not regular, but generally feel like my old self. I encourage everyone to ask their doctors about adding probiotics. There is something to them.

general response to everybody dealing with crohn's
by: zak

The same month I posted my experience with Crohn's, I had multiple severe flare ups and ended up in the emergency. Alka seltzer only helped temporarily with the bloating but it was useless against inflamation. I had to see my GI Doctor who prescribed Prednisone for inflamation and Florastor 250mg .This probiotic is working great for me. My bowel movement has become regular and my stools are now normal and smell normal. By the way, you can obtain Florastor at any pharmacy in the US without prescription. After a long search for it, I have found that Costco(wholsale club) carry it with the lowest price of $32.00 for a 50 capsules. For anybody who lives in canada, if you know any legit online pharmacy that sells these pills at a lower price, please share your info with the rest of us.

alka-seltzer and chrons
by: Anonymous

i have the exact similar experience reagarding using alka-seltzer.
However when i told my doctor about it , he said that alka-seltzer can make my chrons worse .

now I am conficted between my doctor's advice and the only medicine that gives me relief.

Has anybody come across similar info regarding alka-seltzer ?

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