dandelion root for crohn's disease

by Janine

I have had crohn's disease for the past 6 years. I've been hospitalized 3 times because of the terrible flair ups. I've tried different medications but none worked. I started taking probiotics, digestive enzymes, drinking herbal teas, meditating, eating smaller portions, and stopped eating raw fruits and vegetables. It helped, but I would still have flair ups about 3 times a week. Then just by chance a friend of mine told me about dandelion root drink and said it tasted just like coffee. I was drinking a cup of coffee in the morning and was told by my doctor that I shouldn't be drinking it so I thought that the danelion drink would be a good alternative. To my great surprise after about a few days I quit having flair ups. It has been 3 weeks and still no flair ups and I've been able to eat anything i want! It's like a miracle. I drink it in the morning and again at night. I feel like I've been cured. i would highly recommed it to anyone with crohns. I get the dandelion root at a health food store. It is already ground up and you put a teaspoon of it in a cup of hot water, you can also add you sweetner (stivia) and cream if you like and ENJOY!!! GOOD LUCK AND GOOD HEALTH

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Dandelion root for crohns
by: Tammy

I found this forum searching dandelion for chrohns because i have a friend suffering with crohns and from the steroids used to treat it and i happen to grow, harvest and dry dandelion for other medicinal uses and know that it has positive affects on some digestion issues, im thankful to have found your testimony and may make her some in teabags to try after she discusses it with her doctor, im hopeful that it may help her to some degree. Thank you for sharing your experience.

Dandelion capsules
by: Margaret

My dad has gout and I've been telling him to take dandelion root. My advise falls on deaf ears. I even bought the capsules and gave them to him. He never broke the seal!
I have Crohn's disease and am thinking of taking the capsules myself. This articles says the coffee is good for Crohn's sufferers. Would it make any difference if I took the capsules instead of the coffee? Or maybe quitting coffee was the cure, not the dandelion.

Dandelion help
by: Anonymous

I don't have crohns disease but have other disorders and I am pleased with this dandelion root, really makes a difference.

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