dairy free for crohns

Hi, my son tarran who is 12, was told he had crohns 1 1/2 years.He is on his second course of steriods has also done 9 weeks modulem feed,has been on 3000mg aday pentassa for 1 1/2 year and is now started azathoiprine.I would love some feed back if a dairy free diet would help or any other info on what food helps .The crohns is now in his tummy,is this any worse than in the large and small intestine,were his has always been.

thanks alot


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dairy free for crohns NEW
by: Annette Young

Hi there,

Thanks for writing in. I can really understand how tough it is to watch your son suffering with Crohn's.

Diet is quite likely to be key and I know many people personally who are lactose intolerant so I would strongly suggest cutting all dairy out of his diet.

It is also called lactase deficiency and although many people think that it is an allergy, it is not. It simply means that a person does not produce an enzyme within the small intestine to help digest the sugar (lactose) that is found in dairy products.

This enzyme known as lactase serves to break down the lactose so that it is absorbed more easily through the small intestine and then is released into the bloodstream. If there are insufficient amounts of lactase, only a small portion of the lactose is actually digested. It then passes into the colon where bacteria sets to work. This is called fermentation.

The lactose that is undigested, draws in water and this extra water is the trigger for diarrhea or cramps. Flatulence, abdominal pins, bloating and nausea are all common.

Try eliminating all dairy in the first instance and see how your son feels in a few weeks. I would make notes of any symptoms and foods eaten during this time and discuss with the doctors.

I hope this helps?


by: Anonymous

I personally stay away from cows milk. I do still eat cheese and other dairy products. I also substitute Silk milk for the regular milk. It comes in different flavors and I think it tastes great.

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