by Willi

Since IBD-Crohn's Disease can be or is a disease that has it's flare times and non flare times could some of these home remedies just be coincidences and the disease have gone into remission or non flare as a natural ocurrance and people then begin to believe that their home remedy is the answer.

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by: Annette Young

Hi there,

This is an interesting question and one that people have been considering in relation to natural health and well-being for many years. I am a real advocate of natural health and natural remedies. Although I am a firm believer that people with serious conditions such as Crohn's disease should go to the doctor and seek professional advice, because this disease can be so aggressive that not requesting help could be extremely detrimental to the individual's health.

Those who believe firmly in Western medication would probably say that it is a coincidence if the disease improves while taking natural remedies and that it is purely psychosomatic. Indeed, the power of the mind is incredible and we can easily (unknowingly) talk ourselves into ill-health by not managing anxieties and thinking negative thoughts constantly. In which case, when we believe that we will get better because of a strong belief in a natural remedy, it could well be the power of our minds that help boost the healing.

I believe that there is much that can be done on an individual and natural basis to help manage the negative effects of Crohn's disease. Stress relief by way of relaxation techniques and meditation, eating a very simple and basic diet, eliminating smoking or drinking alcohol for example, are all things that can be done to help improve the day to day living but, do I believe that people should not have prescribed medication? No I don't.

It is down to the individual obviously, but I do know how painful and aggressive Crohn's can be.
Having said that, I feel people should try out various natural treatments and to not give up hope of finding relief from the hold of Crohn’s.

If we give up, we can easily succumb to feelings of depression.

If anyone has had any experience with natural remedies, do let us know.


amazed in texas
by: pauline

have had crohn's since 1998. i am now 62. medication has kept it in control. today i had my colonoscopy and my gastro dr. was astounded to tell me there was no sign of crohn's anywhere. i was speechless- so much so i forgot to ask about continuing meds or stopping. will it return or not. i'm calling him tomorrow. i want to celebrate but afraid.

Natural Remedies
by: John

I guess that could of course be the case, but natural remedies can be just as effective as conventional medications...a lot of the science behind them is the same. Just because they aren't prescribed by doctors (most of whom know nothing about natural remedies) doesn't mean they aren't effective in treating Crohn's Disease or any other health issues.

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