Cure Crohn's through de-stressing.

by Josh
(Berkeley, CA)

Hi, I recently weened my way off of mercaptopurine, a medication for Crohn's disease, after 10 years of being on it, and am doing well.
I'm here to offer a helping hand if you would like to do the same.
I can't spend much time at my computer due to back/wrist pains, so can't converse much within the forum, but you're welcome to ask for my phone number if you'd like my help.

A little bit about my situation. My Crohn's was mild while I was on the meds. A 5 year long chronic foot problem is what spawned me to get off the meds. At a certain point I felt that the meds might have been confusing my immune system and causing the inflammation in my foot--that's when I went the holistic route and got off the meds.
My cure included regular exercise, getting rid of stress, and becoming aware of my stomach's connection to my stress through meditation. I can't say that this cure will or won't work for everyone, but it worked for me.

I'm aware that many of you are not interested in a spiritual/holistic approach, and that's fine. I'm not interested in a debate. Skepticism is welcomed if you're curious, and with good intentions for healing yourself.

For those who are curious, I'm located in the Bay Area, CA, so would love to work with someone face to face. But can do this by phone as well. I have a job, so am not looking to get paid--this would be voluntary on my part.

All the best, Josh

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Des-stressing NEW
by: Annette

Hi there Josh,

I found your post really interesting, not just because you are taking a positive approach to your Crohn's disease but that you are also willing to reach out and help others.

I am a firm believer that stress is a huge cause of aggravation and can instigate a flare-up quite easily. It can be quite hard to avoid stress as you know, because stressful situations occur around us constantly. Learning to cope with stress though is a real positive and I would certainly recommend anyone who is reading this to take you up on your offer or at least taking positive advice from it and make proactive steps to looking at the stress in their lives and eradicating it.

At one time, stress and diet were considered two potential reasons why people became ill with Crohn's disease but now we know that is not the case. Although an exact cause is yet to be determined, it is believed that a faulty immune system or genetics may be responsible or at least two potential causes.

If anyone is suffering with this disease, it is worth taking a holistic approach to helping alleviate and controlling the symptoms naturally. This doesn't mean coming off of your medications but to work alongside your treatment.

Try relaxation techniques and meditation. You could also try hypnotherapy CD's and yoga. You will be amazed at how well these can improve your overall health and well-being. It is certainly worth a try and after all, if anyone is suffering with Crohn's, what have you got to lose?

The problem is that many people just come off of their meds thinking that they are cured because they have had months without pain or discomfort and whilst I can certainly understand this, it's not advisable. Remember - no cure means it can certainly come back.

Thanks so much for your post, I hope you are able to help others and your own condition remains under control. Do let us know. In the meanwhile if anyone else has any comments on this topic, please write in.

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