by katt

I always feel tired and even if i get my right hours of slppy i could sleep more does anyone know what else it may be other than my crohn's like low on something??

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by: Annette Young

Hello there,

Fatigue is one of the main elements associated with Crohn's disease and I know many people who have endured long periods of time where they have felt so exhausted, too exhausted to do anything.

I'm glad you have been able to sleep, but I wonder how deeply beneficial your sleep is at the moment. Crohn's has the ability to cause physical and mental fatigue and so you may well find that you want to sleep and rest much more than normal and if you can, I would suggest, resting as much as possible, working with your body and not against it.

You might be deficient of certain nutrients so it is worth checking your food intake. Sometimes Crohn’s can make it difficult for you to absorb nutrients, especially if you have bouts of diarrhea and if you find you bleed too, you might be anemic.

Having an excellent sleep pattern is what you need to strive for and you can create a positive sleep environment by going to bed at the same time each night by practicing relaxation techniques to de-stress, avoid having a television in the room and you could also try some natural remedies such as a few drops of lavender oil on your pillow as this is quite calming.

I know people who have made use of relaxation techniques when they've gone to bed and they have been able to control to a certain degree ,any anxieties they have been feeling and this is really helping them to sleep much better so, I think it might be worth a try.

Try to avoid eating late at night, as this can cause irritable pain and could disturb sleep. Your digestive system naturally works better in the morning.

I have added a link to a site with some sleep suggestions and you may find this beneficial.

When you feel such fatigue, you may feel very frustrated and alone and even a little depressed. This is quite normal. But I can tell you are not alone and many people are experiencing the same things, you just need to work out why it is affecting you this way, to ascertain if you can support your body and to improve naturally.

If you continuously have problems, I would always suggest going to the doctor for guidance.

Good luck

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