Crohn's, TPN and Cyprus (Mediterranean)

by Joe and Emma
(Farnham, Surrey UK (Hopefully Cyprus from Jan 12))

Hi, my name is Joe and my wife to be has Crohn's. She underwent 14 hours of bowel reconstruction last year and so far has made fantastic progress back from the brink. She has had surgeries prior to this that removed her bowel and is now left with around 2.2m of small intestine and an iliostomy. She is prescribed with TPN six nights a week but her progress is such that it looks promising for that to be reduced further in the future. All of this is fantastic news but I have a question about our future lifestyle together that I am hoping to find an answer to on here through you guys.
I am in the Royal Air Force and an offer of a posting (draft) to Cyprus in the Med is a possibility. I am trying to find out if anyone can give me any info about other Crohn's patients, their treatment and whether TPN is produced locally on the island or if it is flown in on a regular basis. If it is flown in, what special handling procedures are observed in the transportation of the TPN, apart from the usual keeping it between 2 and 8 Celcius?
Any help anybody can offer would be greatly appreciated.
Cheers :)

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