Crohns Survey Results

Following are the latest results from our Crohns Disease Survey. Feel free to browse through all of them and perhaps you can find some useful information.

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Question 1: Since you were first diagnosed with Crohn's Disease, what about your condition has surprised you the most?

Question 2: What have you done to help you cope with the disease? Medications? Supplements?

Question 3: What suggestions would you have for people newly diagnosed?

Question 4: What do you do to reduce stress in your life?

Following are the responses from our many visitors...thank you for participating!

"I cant believe how easily I get sick and how hard it is for me to fight off infections."

"I have a really great support system with family and friends."

"Stay strong and keep on your medications."

"Havent reduced it much."

"The pain surprised me the most. I never thought that somebody could have that much pain and not be dead. LOL"

"Well I am on a load of medication. I found that I need to modify my diet alot. Yet the thing I learned best is don't always trust the doctor, do some of your own research."

"The newly diagnosed need to realize that they are not alone. There are so many people going through the same stuff. Also, don't be afraid to let others know you have crohn's because most really care for you."

"I take long bike rides out to a shady park in the summer and lay back and watch the world pass. In the winter I build a snow fort and sit inside and make a home away from home out of it, somewhere I can escape to."

"Being hospitalized, coming home and going back to the hospital 4 days later."

"I read alot about the disease.Try to keep myself educated."

"Find someone you can talk to about it. I have felt that I was alone with this until I found message boards and foruns where I can vent and just have someone to talk to who is also going through this."

"I am still working on this one. I like to read and do needle work and this helps to calm me down during stressful times. Also listening to music seems to help."

"How many times I would be hospitalized in such a short amount of time (three times in less than a year, the last time resulting in surgery)"

"I've taken a yoga course and stress management course at college, learned more about the disease, and ways to mangage it better."

"Don't get discouraged, it's sometimes an embarrassing or difficult disease to get through, but you will have some good days to look forward to."

"Stress management techniques like focusing on my breathing, relaxing my muscles, etc. I also listen to music a lot which relaxes me."

"My condition was very weak, I was very thin due to diaherea most of the times. The thing surprised me most was my body weight was reduced very much. "

"After consulting the Dr. Now i am well under control the disease & again gain my weight. But arthrities is the new additional thing with me now."

"For newly diagnosed people I would say that every disease has cure except AIDS. So no need of worry as far as cure is present. Keep the medication ON do not discontinue without Dr approval. "

"Try be as normal with everybody. But I know our mind is always dwelling around the sickness & about disease. Anyway due to this u may not die early, so don't think about this disease. Do whatever u feel & enjoy life."

"That it is life long along with the medication. My first flare since being diagnosed really scared me."

"Read alot. Eliminate stress."

"Gather as much info you can and eliminate as much stress as you can from your life."

"Find the positive in everything I can. I talk alot and vent."

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