crohns spasms

by Susie

Good morning,...hope you not suffering too much on this sunny Autumn day.Most of my spasms ,the minute I BEGIN to eat are centered on my upper chest and back area,together with a wave of panic .It does not last too long ,respite,then back again for approx 1 to 2 hours after food.A mystery.Has been talked over with medics for years.They nod sagely and tut,tut .HELP!!!!Much misery.Soo

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Intestinal Spasms
by: Clive Kaplan

Hi there. I`ve been getting these spasms for the last 3 days. Distended too. Seeing my doc next week but would appreciate any advice in the interim.

Crohn's spasms
by: Annette Young


Sorry to hear you are having problems. I know how frustrating it can be to have health problems with no absolute diagnosis.

Apart from the symptoms described, do you believe that you might have Crohn's disease? To be honest these symptoms are not indicative of this disease so unless there are additional symptoms, I'm afraid you are going to have to go back to your doctor for additional support. The symptoms of crohn's do vary but typically include:

Abdominal Cramps
Joint pain
Blood in stools

There is certainly an association with food. People with Crohn's find it hard to digest their food - smoking, alcohol, dairy products, spicy foods can all cause a bad reaction. It's a painful condition and food acts as a trigger to create a painful bout which can feel totally debilitating. These bouts can last for hours, days, months etc but can suddenly ease up.

Does any of this sound familiar? If not, I doubt you have Crohn's disease.

I hope you manage to get a correct diagnosis and wish you much luck,


Susie - Crohn's spasms
by: Kit Campbell

Hi Susie
your spasms are happening as a result of an action. I'm wondering if you also suffered from reflux as a child as well. I know I did.
Spasms are a 'protective' mechanism of the body, so there are many questions here to be asked.
These are not symptoms of Crohn's, but the result of an environment and without 'talking' with you, I wouldn't know where they stem from.
The first area I would look to, would be your mind. How you are presently dealing with your world at the moment.
Secondly, how you are 'feeling' about food, your emotion around mealtime and who you are eating with, i.e. is there fear present? (I had loads!)
Thirdly, what are you eating? If you have eaten something before and the body has reacted badly to it, the brain could be sensing the same product and providing the same response.
Your body is an amazingly intelligent phenomenon, one that no medic has all the answers to, so don't just blindly listen to them, they will just supply you with chemical alternatives, which are poison and have side affects. (ask a doctor!!)
But whatever works for you is all that is important.
All the best and if you want more information, contact me at

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