Crohns Post

by Kent
(Fort Lauderdale, FL )

My most recent flare up (I am 43, m, and was dx with crohn's 2 years ago) was around the beginning of October when I had a bad chest cold, and started taking OTC Robitussin cough syrup. It was really strange as I had not had a flare in almost a year. I was able to eat Burger King for lunch, my favorite subs, wendy's, my weekly stash of Aldi chocolates (the trips to fast food places were about once a month, other than that I cook my own food, and drink in moderation), shallots (which work well in place of onions during flares). I was enrolling people in medicare over the phone (yes, a call center), and would have to time my gut gripes to my breaks which most of you realize is almost impossible or seemingly so at times. About a month had passed of continuous flares (took ONE coconut water, black tea, blackberry brandy, Kayopektate, peptobismol, and immodium (loperimide (which has narcotic like effects on your mind, not on body)). I even tried my old fall back cream of wheat with 2 TBS of cinnamon to no avail. I was being malnourished, my call qualities at work were suffering, and everyday I barely had the energy to walk in the front doors of work. I finally went to the hospital the 23rd and was admitted the day before my day off, and stayed until Wednesday. I was released with Prednisone, and Pentasa, and of course submitted to the Shire Cares program for prescription assistance with Pentasa (which is about $2k per month from Walgreens). Not even 2 days later, my mother dies, my ex wrecks my car, I get called in for a review at work and let go after my employer knows full well of my medical problems (Florida sucks). Fast forward; ran out of the Pentasa, and Shire Cares assistance program is for the birds (they feel they are doing you a favour) as they are very rude, and ignorant (choice to be stupid). So I am eating bananas, meatball subs, applesauce, and pizza (these things do not make me react). I am supposed to play violin for my mother's memorial coming up, and I am sitting here thinking how I brought myself to remission from my last flare up, happily I was looking at the publix weekly specials, and thought when I saw the ad ok 3 16 oz bottles of pomegranate juice for 7.50, as opposed to the 48 oz bottle for almost 12.00; it's a no brainer. Pomegranate juice lifted me from the last flare to anything I wanted to eat with just 12 oz, and some on hand in case I flare up again. It stops the big "D" problem in it's tracks, and you have to go easy otherwise you will constipate yourself. It has to be that gut wrenching plain flavor pomegranate juice not mixed with blueberries, acai, or anything else (do not get the minute maid or you will still have the big "D". So last night I drank my 12 oz of the 16 oz bottle, of course don't dilute with too much water, but a little to cut the bitter. Okay, I finished up my Monterey Parmesan crusted chicken, and a baked potato with a nice glass of pomegranate juice, and this morning coffee, toast, tarragon eggs with a touch of parmesan, and cabernet sauvigon. Took my prednisone, acidophilus, and no big "D". Now I just have to find another job, and life will be normal again for a year (probably more). I had also tried black strap molasses in the past for the runs (it works a little, but not quite as well as I had imagined),

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